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Let's Go!

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Let's Go!

- July 07, 2005

I watched the Robins in my neighbors tree fight off a full-fledged Sparrow attack this morning. The Sparrows are small, but they are clever and determined.

To begin the brawl, one of the little sparrows flew right into the tree where the Robins have their well-hidden nest of young ones. The babies started crying; Mrs. Robin and the attacker fell to the ground in a vicious fight. Mr. Robin flew in and took on several of the others, who were strategically circling the tree, and physically pushed them away from the nest. All the while, the babies, who were left behind and alone for the moment, squawked loudly and incessantly.

After the Sparrows were subdued in two separate winged encounters with beaks and talons flying, Mrs. Robin returned to quiet the nest, and Mr. Robin sat on the nearest precipice to warn the intruders away. Do you know what the arrogant Sparrows had the nerve to do? They began work on a nest in the rain gutter of the nearest rooftop. I felt it was a sham. Who builds a nest in a rain gutter? Well, the Sparrows sat up there, chirping happily, rearranging nesting material, and frequently whizzed by the tree wherein the Robins had their family ensconced. The Sparrows' next tactic was obviously going to be one of psychological warfare. Their nest's view was the Robins tree, of course, and they kept up their busy chirping, all the while waiting for their next moment of assault.

Mrs. Robin, however, didnt budge. She sat in quiet confidence with her little ones, never a flitter. Mr. Robin, ever vigilant, made frequent visits, worm in tow, to the nest and to several of the rooftop peaks.

But was this enough? The sparrows kept up the sneaky charade of building a nest and when one of their crew landed at the base of the Robins' tree on the pretense of gathering some dry grass. Patrick (my faithful mutt) and I could take it no longer. I said, "Lets go!" and we jumped up and went after that small tormentor. Since I was doing some reading, I closed up my book and slapped it against my hand as I trekked across the street. The Sparrows retreated on the Q.T. (wartime lingo for quick time), but the Robins didn't move. They held their positions, even when I peered into the leafy tree to see their nest. Mrs. Robin sat stoically. I'm not sure if she knew intuitively that I was her friend or not, but she had made her resolution to trust in the natural order of things and stick it out for the sake of her family. I do think she knew that her Creator had established this system of life and whoever came up against her would be no match for what He had established.

Here's how I see it: the Robins were doing a pretty good job of holding their own against the tenacious Sparrows, but when they needed a reprieve, God sent in the cavalry, aka: Patrick and me. Psalm 46: 1,6b says, "God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble. He lifts his voice, the earth melts." Thank you, God, for using Patrick and I as your voice this morning. The earth did indeed melt for those Sparrows when they saw us coming.

The next time the enemy is circling me, I'm going to emulate Mrs. Robin and not give in to the sneaky, persistent attack. I'm going to sit in resolution that my Creator will have His way in this universe. He will be my help in trouble, or He will use some willing participants to come to my relief. Let's go!

Contributed by Kristi Ugland. Kristi teaches high school English at Tree of Life Christian School in Columbus, Ohio. She is the mother of two sons and has been married to her husband, Bob, for 17 years.