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Let's battle satan/witchcraft

Dear Friends..

I have a good friend called Rene (boy). He is involved in either satanism or witchcraft. He says he is an atheist at the moment. He says that God has done nothing good for him in his life and that his life when he was a christian and what he is now doesn't differ at all. I met him through a chat on the internet. I believe God has a purpose with the meeting. I believe God wants me to get Rene back on track again. Please help me pray. We have formed some strong prayer groups for him yet. As we don't know really who/what we are up against as he doesn't want to really talk about what the problem is. Please pray for him to open his heart and receive the Holy Spirit to guide him on the right track again. He is badly influenced by some bad friends as well. Let's pray that all these things happen and he opens his eyes and his heart for all the wonderful things that God has done for him but that he was too blind to notice.
Thank you so much.
hey bro!

no worries i will pray for the little fellow and good on you for seekign people to Pray for him your doing as much as you can by the sound's of things. which is AWESOME!!!

Love Simon!!!
Dearest Valie,
I came out of the occult and witchcraft many, many years ago. I can personally relate to the
spiritual battle your friend now faces and the enemy who has deafened his ear's to the truth.
We stand with you in prayer for his salvation. We bind those lying spirits who have blinded him
to the truth and command them in the name of Jesus to be silent! Lord go before our sister and prepare her way to minister to this unsaved soul. Bind all the influences that would keep him from hearing and understanding the truth of your word. Trials are not evidence of your inability to keep us from harm but rather evidence of choices we are given to utilize your word and stand on your promises that your glory may be seen by those who do not believe, and to strengthen those who do. Trials help us to understand our weakness and your strength in and through us.
We claim this soul for the kingdom of God and His Christ. Thank you oh Lord for the victory even before we see it.
May all of the Glory for this soul won to Christ, be yours forever and ever. Amen and Amen!!
COuld you please come into contact with me urgently via e mail (any one else is more than welcome) just say Talk Jesus friend in the top line otherwise i don't open the: [edited by Yeshua no LINKS are to be posted without Chad's permission]
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