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Let us be in agreement in prayer here..

This 4 year old girl named Hayden is suffering from leukemia and in critical condition. She can barely make sound with her lips as she sings, "Yes Jesus loves me..." Let us set aside that which is besetting us for just a moment and come together in prayer for the precious child.

Father, may you grant this child courage, strength and a miraculous recovery. May she..by Your stripes be healed. may the enemy not find victory today but defeat at the hands of a loving and merciful God. May this trial of today birth a testimony for tomorrow. In Jesus precious name we pray. AMEN!
Devil, you are defeated in the name of Jesus; you take your hands off this precious child. In the name of Jesus, I COMMAND you and all infirmity spirits to leave her body, NOW! Hayden's body, be normal, all symptoms normal, by His stripes we are healed - body, you are commanded to line up with the promises of the word of God that declare we are healed. All pain be gone, all symptoms be gone, all traces of disease be gone, body be made whole, in Jesus name.
Lord forgive me but when I see things like this I just want to grab the devil by the throat and throttle him something fierce. (Not feasible or wise to say so, but nonetheless how I feel.)

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