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Lessons of the Cross

Like everything we read in the Bible, there are many lessons we can learn from any one situation in the Bible. We have been taught many lessons through Christ being hung on the cross. Today i would like to explore one more that i have never heard but have been shown. That is the pain we cause to other people.

Jesus died for the sins of the world, this is a fact. He endured much torture at the hands of the people. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual torture. Much the same we do to each other.

I dont believe that everyone goes out to purposely hurt another human being. But, we all have hurt other human beings in many ways. It seems as though we sit and think of new ways to harm another life. To destroy, or try to conquer.

We still see these things in todays world. We are all guilty of it. For most we think we have the answers without asking. We think we are helpful through our own thoughts and ways. But we havent walked a mile in the shoes of the other individual. So, how can we know by pushing people out into the things that have hurt them to begin with. The best anology i can give is rehabilitation centers in todays world.

Very few people working in these places have actually dealt with addictions. So they make these no tolerance rules. One mistake and you're out. Putting them back into the situation they came in from. They mean it to help. But 95% of the time it harms the individual. They want to show that they are not going to tolerate the behaviors or relapses of the people. But they miss the understanding that most of these people only know pain that they grew up with. That was all many of them felt until tried the drug. The artificial happiness is the good feeling many of them know. Until they are taught, shown, and loved into a true state of hapiness.

So like the pain we all gave jesus upon the cross, we also gove to each other.

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