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Kutless - Strong Tower CD

Don't know if any of you listen to Kutless but I love this song taken from the Strong Tower CD. I've just been listening to it again.

Take Me In

Take me past the outer courts,
Into the holy place,
Past the brazen altar,
Lord I want to see your face.
Pass me by the crowds of people
And the priests who sing Your praise.
I hunger and thirst for Your righteousness,
But it's only found in one place.

Take me into the holy of holies,
Take me in by the blood of the Lamb.
Take me into the holy of holies,
Take the coal, touch my lips, here I am.

Isn't that awesome, how we can go straight into the holy of holies, we don't need a priest to prepare the way for us. We go straight in to where our Lord is waiting for us. Oh just to see His face. This song really excites me - I just love it.

Yes, i love Kutless, i have there cd 'treason'.

i think they have very anointed songs on some of their albums, and although their music style is not always 'my cup of tea', i always love anointed music.

Thanks for sharing.

Jesu bless you
Have to agree with you Proverbs - they're not always my cup of tea either. Love that song though. Haven't heard Treason yet - have to wait for my son to buy it!!! :love:
yea i like soem of their songs.. not all, as some r 2 heavy rockish 4 me.. but i agree that they r good!!
I absolutely LOVE kutless. I have all their cds and they are soo awesome. Strong Tower is a little different taste from what they normally do in their music, but i agree that it is an awesome cd as well. It has good praise and worship music and i also love that song " take me in". God Bless!!

I absolutely love their music..
I have all there music, and they are doing an awesome job among the youth. I was caught up in music before i was delivered, and Kutless helps me forget all those other songs.
Thanks for sharing that song with all of us.

I was just listening to that song. I absolutely love it. Kutless is a great band and I love to listen to them.