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just me...learning a lot from you all!

Krista ; i think now many know you and you are welcome , we enjoy your chat , you are such a good person , and about the belief its God who is responsable , noone can force you to believe what they want you to believe , its God who choice ppl, and you are free to accept Him or not , God give us the freedom to choice His grace , He give us a gift and we are free to accept it , its like the gift of b-day , if you do not open it you miss hat the person give you , we are here as a christian , to show ppl love and respect, we help to save souls , we are saved , and we do not like to see ppl going to hell , just think how your feelings when you see in news how many ppl die in the war ; its so sad , but we think about nations that ill be to hell , and you cant compare between the cictimes of wars and victimes of the satan; he want to destroy the world and ppl with his lie , but we love ppl and we want them to be saved , do not feel you offened us , maybe some of us can be offeneded but if they are rzallu christian they forgive so quick, and pls come to chat cause you can learn and have fun ;)
God bless you
nicolek said:
Hi :)

I really didn't mean for you guys to have to write replies to this! It was more just for you to what I'm doing here so that I don't offend anyone in chat...i dont want to seem snotty or rude if i don't participate in conversations or anything like that.

180 degree: thanks for your reply. I just have one question...how do you choose what you beleive? If I could choose I would choose to believe in everything you guys beleive in (I think...but at the same time there are some more peaceful religions where no one goes to hell)...because you are all so happy! But i dont know how to "choose" a belief...doesn't belief kind of just happen? I dont know.

Thanks for the replys :) please dont feel you need to reply to this at all :) talk to ya all soon I'm sure!

Hi Nicolek.
Sorry I took so long to reply.

Your choice is a decision. How do you choose what to wear for the day? You decide from your options.
When it comes to your religion, you have many options, but there is only one option that God would like you to choose. That is the only option where your salvation is a free gift, not to be earned, but given, an option where God has paid the price for your salvation, and also, the only religion where God claims to have risen from the dead, (Which He has done), and promises to raise you from the dead if you believe on Him.

You need to choose to believe the truth. No belief in anything but the truth can stand. Pontius Pilate asked, "What is truth?" Jesus tells us that the truth is God's Word and is Himself. To believe the truth is to believe Jesus Christ, and the Word of God.

Believe that God cannot lie. If He did, He would not be God. If He said, "This is my beloved Son, Hear ye Him", He meant you to do just that. Hear Jesus saying, "He who comes to me I will in no wise cast out." And, "Come to Me and I will give you rest." Believe that He will do what He says. It would be good to look up all the "Come to me" scriptures in the gospels.

Ask Jesus to help your unbelief. Do not stand between two decisions. Accept Jesus today. He is the only way. I have known Him for about 30 years, and I still love Him and will never go back from following Him. He changed my life, and He is my life.

Bless you!