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The sin of the Christian Church is it's refusal to accept Jesus as it's God, the very one we name ourselves after. Jesus said it like this in John 8:24: "You are from below; I am not. That is why I said that you will die in your sins; for unless you believe that I am who I say I am, you will die in your sins." This is why Thomas acknowledged Jesus as God in John 20:28 by saying to Jesus, "You are my Lord and my God." Then Jesus said to Thomas, "You are blessed because you have seen me, but more blessed are those who haven't seen me but believe anyway."

As you can see then, we have always known that Jesus is God, the one true God, the one who came and died for the sins of the world, but we just didn't know how to say it. And even today, as I write this post hardly anyone believes it. And as I said, that's a sad commentary on the Christian Church, the ones he love. And too, even today, we ignore the clear words of Psalm 14: "Only the fool says in his heard that Jesus is not God." And this is David speaking, a man after Jesus' own heart."

See, David is preaching the Gospel ahead of time, long before it took place, that the Lord he knew as YHWH God in the Old Testament is the New Testament Jesus. So David says of Jesus as God in verse 7: "Oh that salvation would come from Mount Zion and rescue Israel. For when the Lord Jesus rescues his people they will shout for joy." And salvation did come from Mount Zion, for this is the place where Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins.

So this is my proclamation: Jesus is the God of the Psalms and of David, the one of old from everlasting! It says so in John 1:1. Read it for yourself: "In the beginning was Jesus. … and Jesus was God." Now that's plain enough isn't it! And I will explain why John mentioned the Father later.

And then it says, "All things were made by him ( by Jesus ) and without him nothing was made that was made. In him was life, ( my life, your life, all life, life that we can see and life that we can't see ) and this life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness understands it not;" meaning that the world still don't know who he is.

See God didn't send us a substitute to save us, as many think. Yes, this is a popular view but it is not true. This means that the term "Son of God" is only a parabolic expression to account for Jesus' human experience on earth as a man. King David explains this fully in Psalm 2 when he quotes Jesus as saying of himself, "The King proclaims this decree: "The Lord said to me; You are my son. Today I have become your Father." Translated: "When I am born on earth as a man I will call myself the Son of God. And you will see me use this title as I preach the Gospel to the world." I only wish that preachers today knew this.

See, God is a single being or a single person like us. How else can we say that we are made in his image if he is not. The mystery of the Trinity, then, is not in God dividing himself into 2 or 3 separate persons.
Such a thought is a heathen concept. Or in God generating or emanating another person from himself. The mystery of the Trinity is in the way he speaks to us. Or in the way he speaks to us about himself. See, God is like an actor playing three different parts at the same time. All of us have seen actors do this. So when he speaks about the Father he is speaking about himself by his other name, i.e., "The Father sent me, he's me too." Or as he said to Philip in John 14: "Philip don't you even yet know who I am after all the time I have been with you? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. The Father and I are the same person."

And he says the same thing of himself as the Holy Spirit!

What he is doing is revealing his other names to us so we an know him better. This is what people do when they like you. They tell you their other names. This shows us the full extent of his love. But we call him Jesus because he want us to. See, Jesus is the name we see in the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. And the name God saves us by. Let's say it like this. Jesus is all of God you will ever see. And it will be this way when we get to heaven.

So David says in Psalm 9: "I will thank you for this O Lord Jesus with all my heart. And I will tell everyone about you, and the wonderful salvation you have given me." And that's what the name Jesus means, Salvation, or the God who saves. But as I said, hardly anyone believes it.

Jesus loves you,
Rev Autrey
You just gave word to a big part of the reason why I changed churches a little over a year ago. The old church I used to attend, it didn't seem to me that they were woshiping Jesus as our Lord God and Saviour....rather it seemed that Christ was being presented as more of something like a prophet. I need more than good moral teaching, I need to have God reach out to me and heal my brokeness....and He does that and did that by coming down and cleansing me through His sacrifice on the cross.
Blessing Reverend, Jesus loves all of us but its up to us to accept that love and follow if we choose, and I do.


Hi all,
This is My beloved Son whom I am well please.
No one has seen God.
Father forgive them for they know not what they do.
God didn't die.
Jesus died and God raised him from the dead.
I do the will of my Father.
When will you return, only my Father knows.
Everything was made in righteousness and truth, the exact spirits that Jesus
represents that God GAVE Him. That's what it means when scripture
says that Jesus made all things.
Sorry I haven't quoted scripture because I'm in bed at the moment.
With Love, Wnl
Staff Member
For God so loved the world....

that He gave His only begotten Son....

that whosoever believeth in Him...

should not perish....

but have everlasting life

John 3:16


Hi Br Bear, nice to hear from you, a profound moment in my life.
In 1989 the 26th Feb. at 7:30am I got up from my bed crying
(I never cry) I got on my knees on the bed and shuck my wife
waking her and said JESUS LOVES ME,and HE LOVE YOU TOO.
My life totally changed from that moment, I fact I didn't know who
I was anymore.
I know I was changing three years earlier as I said to my wife what
is happening to me, but now I know He was drawing me.
I was 43yrs old at the time and I had never been to a church.
It was the next day after my conversion, I went to a Pentecostal
At the end of the service, I was so on fire that I asked the pastor if
I could say a few words and I said, : Jesus is with me right now and
if I fall He will carry me:
I also said I thought that I had got everything (I had a successful business)
but now I know that I haven't BUT I HAVE NOW IVE GOT JESUS
There was uproar in the church of which was taped.
I attended the church regularly, but as soon as I heard or saw the name
Jesus, I would sob my heart out till it hurt, I know I had a lot to cry about
because of 43yrs in the world and my old God money.

I hope this short testimony blesses you,
With Love, Wnl