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Jesus is Enough

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Jesus is Enough

Devotional by: David Jeremiah

Each book in the Bible has a specific emphasis and message that is as unique as God himself. For instance, when we consider the Book of Revelation, we immediately think of end times’ prophecy. But what specific theme do you assign to the Book of Hebrews? As you look into this complex and beautifully written book, you will find the recurring message found there is the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ. In this special compilation of messages from his teaching on the Book of Hebrews, Dr. Jeremiah has selected ten messages that illustrate this thought—Jesus is our creator, our deliverer, our intercessor, our High Priest, and so much more.

Regard Him with wonder and awe in “The Awesomeness of Jesus.” Learn to guard against passive, spiritual drifting in “The Danger of Drifting.” Avoid the perilous conditions of a hard heart with the help of “Do You Have a Hard Heart?” Experience peace in your life that only God can provide through “Experiencing God’s Best”… plus six more messages!
Simply stated—Jesus Is Enough.

Watch Turning Point Television July 8-September 9 for Dr. Jeremiah’s new series, Jesus Is Enough, containing selected messages from his teachings on the Book of Hebrews.