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January's Contest!

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Chad, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. In reference to the new contest beginning this month of 2007

    Happy New Years 2007!

    January's Contest

    Member with most original threads
    - no copy/paste of articles
    - based on quality, uniqueness, must be a full input not just "I agree" or such empty posts
    - rated by members & moderators in February

    Member with most referrals
    - will be screened by myself
    - no duplicate accounts / same IP address, email, etc

    Most active member
    - posts, threads, logins, photos, journals


    - one or more books of your choice (up to $50 value)
    - one or more DVD's of your choice (up to $50 value)

    I will purchase prizes from and they can be delivered international. Delivery outside USA takes 4-6 weeks according to their website.

    - winner is not eligible for prizes more than once every 6 months
    - you may not register new accounts to refer yourself (will result in ban)
    - winner will be notified via private message and posted here in the thread
    - threads you start must be your own unique thread, no articles allowed
    - must have been a member for at least 30 days and 25 posts minimum

    Have fun and don't forget to tell a friend!
  2. Good stuff
  3. Really nice Chad, best of luck to all the contestants!
  4. God bless you brother Chad hope all is well:star: And yes blessings to the winners of your contest

    God bless
  5. Excellent Work.... God bless u for what u r doin bro....i dont care about the prize but i'll try my best to tell every 1 i kno
  6. Awsome Idea, Chad. And may GOD'S Blessings be upon us all, in all the postings that any of us post.
  7. i hope i win!
  8. I too am exited !

    Thank God brother Chad is not going to contest, other wise you will bit us....

  9. Great to see all the excitement...but don't forget to share it with every soul you know! God bless you all
  10. Don't forget about this contest folks! Less than 3 weeks left :)
  11. Two weeks left on the contest. Drawing will be the first week of February. More details coming soon.
  12. I shall be faithful but I don't know whether I will be succesful

    I shall be faithful to the site but I am not sure that I will be successful. Never mind....
  13. Don't give up!

    Even if you plant the seed in one persons heart you have been successful. Don't give up!

    God bless!!
  14. Less than a week left!!

    All members should feel free to participate in the contest, brother Chad has taken huge steps to ensure that this contest is a success.

    Feel free to contribute in threads and share your own devotionals, Bible studies or anything that could benifit your fellow brothers and sisters.

    God bless you all
    Much love
  15. Ok January's contest is offically ended. I will research to see who the winner is and post within the next few days.

    February's contest will be posted shortly as well :)

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