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Its me juggydd

I'm so glad this forum was recomended to me while I was on another forum.
Anyway i'm a guy 19 years old and I live in New Zealand I found the bible when I was 11 and it has brought me great joy eversince.

GOD bless you all and love everyone:love:
Hi there juggydd, Welcome to talkjesus. Glad you found us, feel free to join us in the chat room or post anywhere.
I hope you enjoy the forum.
hi there juggydd

Welcome to TalkJesus. .. hope to see ya in Live Chat. . .may God bless you everytime you're on this site. . . serve your neighbor with your knowledge. . .for example: Me

your sis in christ, peeps
Welcome to talkjesus . I also am glad you found this site ! See you around .
Staff Member
God bless you juggy and thank you for joining our family :)

Nice to meet you and welcome to Talk Jesus. Hope to meet you in live chat

Your sister in Christ
AlabasterBox :girl: