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Is God’s Judgment Coming on America?

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Yes. It's coming. All we need do is examine God's dealings with Israel. After blessing and delivering them time after time for decades the Lord finally in essence wiped the nation off the map. Yes it was brought back into being but only after 2 milleneums in captivity. How many babies have we aborted.

A large segment of the population still wants corrupt leaders back in office. Multitudes of churches no longer preach the blood of Jesus the cross of Jesus, repentance, the inerrancy of God's word. On and on. How many men stand to minister that are not even born again Christians?

It's been said that if God doesn't chasten and scourge America He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology. A. A. Allen was given an open prophetic vision about America.

Would God America would be brought to conviction and repentance before a Holy God. God can do anything if there first be a willing heart. Can America ever have one? I think not. The WWII era of this nation was one of our finest hours. We fought together shoulder to shoulder against a common enemy. We worked together in the fields and factories. We wept together as the war took life after life after life. We prayed together in homes and churches seeking God's face and deliverance. We were in truth the United States of America.

Can such a condition ever Unite us again? You judge. We've allowed the godless government to remove even the mention of His name. Prayers are not allowed anywhere. Millions of men and women live together without being married. I was called down on one "prayer forum" for pointing out that it was sin to live together in fornication. The people requesting prayer for their lover to come back, or to do thus or that
Loyal Member
So I'm looking at the picture Chad posted and I'm thinking about the last two hurricanes. What if that line is showing where God is
going to judge first. Both hurricanes hit below the line, Texas and Florida. If something else were to happen, looking at the map
I would predict something out west is coming next, like maybe California and maybe an earthquake.


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