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"Invisible Shadow"

"Dear Invisible Shadow, how
are you doing today? Well actually let me
rephrase that and say, "How are you feeling"?
I know you watch my every move
in every way, like your touch
and love never leaves my side.
You've been by me
since birth to accompany through
every situation I go through and more like
even if it's just a normal day.
Dear Invisible Shadow,
you stay near constantly
and you keep yourself hidden invisibly.
You give my life guidance when
I can't see my surroundings completely,
like when I am stepping off a curve to cross
a street without looking you pull my collar from
my shirt to make sure I don't get hurt.
Invisible Shadow, you've been my best friend
through everything like whether I am happy, sad, I feel hurt
or even mourn for somebody I love you hold me closely
instead of just leaving me be.
I know I can't see you, sometimes I even
forget your next to me but
you've like a best friend
have always came through and
always been true.
Dear Invisible Shadow,
I hope one day I get to see you
face to face, and thank you for saving me
from every situation that happened
in every crazy place. Whether you were just around the corner,
or a whisper and just being there for comfort, it's just nice to know
someone is there to pull me from the darkness when
I need some light to find my way home.
You've made yourself known,
there is a better path you have
shown, and yet I've grown
but still need you to keep me covered
after all this world can get cold
no matter where my feet roam.
Dear Invisible Shadow, once again
just another thank you, I know I maybe stubborn
and hard headed at times to where I dig a hole
so deep I can't get out to where I ignore you regretfully.
Yet you still smile, put your hand down it and pull me
out like your telling me "No Matter How Far You
Dig Into Trouble I Will Always Pull You Out"
because you truly do love me.

- Visionary
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