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Intro and Prayer Request

Hi Friends,

My name's Manuel. I'm a single dad and have been for 12 years. My youngest daughter is 14 years old, very rebellious, pregnant and insisting that she doesn't believe in God. To add to the frustration, I've been told that she's been seen with a group of kids into the goth thing. I am about at my wits end and DO NOT know what to do anymore. I have turned this over to The Lord and believe in my heart that He can and will handle her but it's so hard. Please pray for us for the strength and wisdom to help her and for the conviction that Christ died for her and He loves her more than I ever could. Thanks and God Bless you all.

Gosh, I can't imagine your pain or concern as to what you are going through. Welcome to talk jesus Manuel. We are a welcoming, and warm family and we are glad you found us. Are you having your daughter give up the baby for adoption? We are here for you if you need to talk.
Hi Manuel, very much WELCOME to Talkjesus :love:
Enjoy yourself again on this site, find comfort, talks, friends and PRAYER SUPPORT, you do not have to carry this by yourself, thanks for sharing a quick and short HUGE PROBLEM
I read that she is your youngest daughter. . . you have another one. . how old is she, where is her stand for her younger sister. .. i there help possible?
I read once an advice from a dad concerning his teen son in a big mess:

After he had said and done everything he could in his matter as a dad . .. and told him about how God sees the situation and how the son was acting in Gods eyes,
he did turn it over to God AND . . .
And then. .. He closed his eyes in prayer and went on with his life. . . praying daily for protection, leaving his unbelieving and unobeying child to God!
And guess what. . .
After using his freedom for about 4-6 weeks I believe. . . The son returned to the father, noticing his fault! Halleluja! We stand with yoou, Brother!
:love: peeps
Thanks for the encouragement.

THat was truely inspiring. Thanks very much. Her older sister is away at college right now but is standing behind her sister 100%. I really feel that some of her actions are intended to hurt me for some reason but I believe in my heart that she does believe in God but it's easier to not believe than to answere to her conscience telling her that she is wrong.
Manuel, you certainly aren't alone in this: we all support you with prayer and thought. My stepson is now an 18 year old father; he became a father at the age of only fourteen also. My wife and I have taken custody of our grandson, who will be four in July. All I can say is, for whatever reason this has happened for either of us, is that God doesn't make mistakes. I believe He has plans in our lives me may never understand while on this side of Heaven. Here my wife and I are only in our early 40's and we're raising our first grandchild, while also still raising the father of our grandchild! Yes, it's tough (we also have twin 9 year old boys), but God never gives us more than we can handle. And he will do the same for you, no doubt.
I will keep your daughters and you in my prayers. Send me a PM if you care to, and let us know of any other special prayer requests you have. God bless.
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Peeps, that's a great response to Manuel's issue :) God bless you Manuel and GOD most certainly will deal with your daughter, out of grace, love and forgiveness. She will change - trust in GOD!
Hi, I have been thinking about you and your daughters. .. She needs a female for sure in her life. . . after all, you just haven't been a girl in your earlier days. . . So therefore, if there is no female around. . .(your oldest daughter or a friend or familymember. . .) you need to give her to God daily and let her come to you whenever it is time for her to turn around. . . God will be that mum. . . female. . . friend. . . sister. . . He will be there for her. . . Just because He loves you. . .and stands for uniting. . family. . .
Just be your part! God will be his part! Keep updating us once in a while. . refresh on Talkjesus with brothers and sisters who will stand with you in prayer. . .
And just BE. . . because you know I AM
Your sis in Christ, peeps :love:
Hello...I am new here.

I was reading Manuel's message and I so felt for him and his daughter...I myself have three children a daughter who is 6...two boys 16 and 18...
My 18 year old is fighting the fact that he needs Jesus...too complicated he thinks because of the people he hangs around...But God is all over him and my son is will repent and come back to God...
My 16 year old in the last few weeks has been seeking the truth ... Glory to God

Luke 15:11-32 The Prodigal son... Oh, how God wants to woo our lost hurting children back to himself...He needs us to be faithful in prayer...and we need His wisdom and strength to stand in the gap for them...
Sometimes our children need to hit rock bottom before they come to their senses and come home...The prodigal son came to his senses and returned to his father...

God is Love...His word is faithful...His promises are true..If we abide under Him...stand steadfast ...Do not look at the circumstances...God is doing a work...It is in that time when it looks like nothing is happening...Things look like they are getting worse when God is working on our loved one ...It is in that time we need to stand strong and not yeild to what we see with our eyes...But believe

God is Love...we are to love...Love is power
The father to the prodigal son forgave him before the son asked for forgiveness...and saw his son coming from a great distance away and had great compassion...

I myself fell pregnant at 17...My mum was and still is a christian...and I was not an easy teenager ...I ran away from home at 14 went back home...done it again
was into drinking ect...but because of my mums fervent prayers (Thank God for praying parents) I came to know Jesus...

Gods promise to us is our children will be saved...
Act 16:31
Psalm 112
Isaiah 54:13
Zechariah 10:7-9

I am not moved by what I feel or what I see. I am moved by the Word of God and I call it done in Jesus’ Name! We have a covenant with God that covers our children. I rejoice in knowing God is faithful . One day our children will be going about their business doing their own thing when suddenly—Pssst!—they will hear the voice of God.
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I will keep you in my prayers. I have a really good husband and we have a 23 year old son who is running from the Lord. I know how hard it is to go through this with my husband by my side. I pray you have fellowship in your home church to share with, if not there are many wonderful people here at talk jesus you can talk to. Keep your eyes on the Lord and know He will deliver her. Pray laborers in her path, that everywhere she turns she will run into christians to minster the love of Jesus to her. And pray about the spiritual influences of the goth friends, alot of goth kids in the states are into white witch craft. I know this first hand, my sister has been into that for a long time. Pray that she commit her life to Lord and all else will follow. Trust in the Lord, He will see you through.

Your sister in Christ

AlabasterBox :girl:

Good reply, alabaster. . . thank you for your encouragement. . . even if that means that you had these hard times gone through yourself :love:

I want to thank the brothers and sisters who have responded with so much encouragement. I can see that the wall she has put up is getting weak. Yesterday I took her to a counseling appointment and we talked the whole way there. Usually I can't get 3 words out of her. Also The Lord has led a wonderful Christian woman into my life that is a definite prayer warrior as are her children who have been praying for her. She sent some books for her to read and has offered to talk to her at any time. We are also seeking His will about our relationship, so I'd also appreciate prayer for wisdom and guidance.

I still have the peace that our Lord has things under control and is doing a work in her life. I will pray for all of you and may God bless you in a mighty way.
Seems like Heaven is already moving on your behalf. I too have had troubles in the parenting area. My problem wasn't with a daughter though. I do have a daughter who is 15. I also have 2 sons. It was in the youngest son's life that God made His power so evident. It's a long story. I think it all happened because of me. God thaught me so much. Though it happen a few years back, reading your thread, refreshed my memory. Thank you for taking me back to remember how great a deliverer our Lord is. (All) things work for good. jmh137
Goths don't mean a thing.

My name's Manuel. I'm a single dad and have been for 12 years. My youngest daughter is 14 years old, very rebellious, pregnant and insisting that she doesn't believe in God. To add to the frustration, I've been told that she's been seen with a group of kids into the goth thing. I am about at my wits end and DO NOT know what to do anymore. I have turned this over to The Lord and believe in my heart that He can and will handle her but it's so hard. Please pray for us for the strength and wisdom to help her and for the conviction that Christ died for her and He loves her more than I ever could. Thanks and God Bless you all.

Hello Manuel.

That really sucks that your daughter is 14 and pregnant, and also doesn't believe in God. But i really don't see how it matters if she's hanging out with goths. I mean how do you treat her at home? maybe you just smother her... or even force your morals and beliefs on her. i think that's why she wants to rebel... most of the time that's how it is. i mean look at me, my mom was a sunday school teacher for 12 years, but she doesn't preach to me, only if i ask something does she go on about the bible. it's a very free relationship, but from my dads side my grandparents were missionaries... and they tried to force it on me all my life, i even went through a period where i didn't like god... when it was really i just didn't like him becuase my dad family did. if i would have grown up more at my dads house than at my moms... who knows who i might be today. You see i am goth, but i am also christian. The fact why there are lots of goths who do not believe in god is more or less becuase the church does not accept them for who they are. So where better for a girl who is not accepted for her own beliefs, turn to? well to people who know how she feels. And that is usualy people who are like i am: goth.

I wouldn't be worried about her hanging out with gothic people i'll tell you this straight, that gothic devil worshipers are few and far between... in fact i've only met one, and she thinks you "have to be a devil worhiper" to be goth... it's so stupid. So every one knows she's just a fake crying out for attention. My advice, is to ease up on your daughter, try not to smother her. She needs love and suport right now, not to be bashed over the head with the bible.

Not to sound rude but hey if i was wrong would you have these problems? i mean just look at me, it wasn't forced on me, and i'm 17, virgin, believe in god, i never have smoked or done drugs, i don't even have my ears pirced. lol that "is" what most considder "good" isn't it? lol but it doesn't matter none the less, dressing in black does not mean she's going to go to hell.

here's a link for you:
[edited by Admin: read the rules]

it's a very educative site. maybe you could even pass it along to your little girl. She might trust you more if she knows you understand her more; through HER eyes... not through yours.

Take care.

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Please read forum rules. They apply to everyone. No links without permission.

Below is not meant to insult or hurt anyone into "goth". Just a heads up. That's all.

Definition of "goth"

A style of rock music that often evokes bleak, lugubrious imagery.
A performer or follower of this style of music.

n 1: a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement [syn: peasant, barbarian, boor, churl, Goth, tyke, tike]

God bless you mcorton. Glad to hear how GOD is working with you.
Gothic-Whisper . I have never heard of a gothic Christian . I am interested in what you mean by Gothic Christian . Most Gothic's I know have a hard time mixing the gothic life-style along with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ . Please tell me how you mix them together , and stay committed to both . Mike :confused:
I will certainly pray for your family...be encouraged, the Lord knows you need.

In Christ Service
Your Pastor T
Hi Manuel,
I sympathesise with you, I know its not the same thing, but my sister is currently doing the same things as your daughter, and growing up in a Christian household, my parents and I can't believe what is happening. My dad especially is very stressed, concerned and at the end of his wits about what to do as well, nothing works and it can be incredibily frustrating. God is still with you and in his time will provide answers and a way out. I am glad that you have come here for support, we will all pray for you and your family. I am new to the forum as well, but it seems like a very supportive and loving place.
To add another perspective to what I have been saying, I used to rebell against my parents when I was younger, I used to lie, cheat and steal and had no respect for them, but now through their continued loving care I have come to know Christ again and am now a strong christian. I thank the Lord every day for the work he has done to change me and I never fail to thank him ad my parents for their love. Make sure your daughter knows that you love her dearly and that you are always there for her, it will change her. She is probably not doing any of this to spite you, just mixed up in the wrong crowd, like my sister, and like me, was letting the world influence the way which I behaved, instead of God's way.
I hope this brings you some encouragement. Never loose hope - God is a faithful God!

Good Job Manuel, keep it up :thumbs_up
God bless you and lead you with His spirit :love: keep updating us . . .
Im glad we are standing in this together. . .by refreshing replies your prayer request is back on my table too


God is working in more ways then we ask Him. He's doing more things than our faith can imagine. He makes all things possible!

I'll pray for you. God Bless!:)