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Interesting but true, you cannot make Jesus Christ The Lord of your life!

How about a synopsis of the video and what it is you are on about.
So who is the bloke in the video? And why should I take notice of what he has to say?
A true Children of GOD always take the route of "The Bereans" concerning messengers! If you don't, how will you know if the message is false. Always examine the message., You must always test the "Spirit" the Message whether if it is of GOD or not. The Unconverted have not the ability to do so, But we have a "Advocate" sent by GOD to aid us in the "Truth". He did not send the "Advocate" in vain. We are also called to examine. What is more important in this day and age for the true Believer in Christ. The messenger or the Message. We can always examine the Message but the Messenger is a different thing, for we do not hold their hands day and night. :eyes:

PS have you forgot all King David and His Son King Solomon. and we cherish the things they wrote! But their night life was something else! You did not want your wife no where near them! They were the talked of the town! Not only was they the talk of the town, But the other towns too! For Nathan said, GOD said so!

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