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century gothic
i waz in the car one day and i waz listening to a song and it waz sayin: "all things are working for me, even things i cant see, ur wayz are so beyond me, but i said that u would, that it be for my good, so ill rest and just believe"
the same day i went to a self defense class and she waz talkin about instinct, about how when ur younger u alwayz follow it but when u get older u ignore it alot of the time. she also told a story of a mother who waz feelin uneasy one day so she asked her daughter to stay home for skewl. they find out later that day that the bus the daughter was suppose to take to skewl turned over in a ditch and everyone waz lost. instinct....makes us think again doesnt it? but the thing is...it's not really instinct is it?
No its the holy spirit and Gods voice. God often talks to us in our thought we just need to learn to distinguish his voice from ours
God's always trying to guide us...

He tries to reach us through many ways all the time. I think this particular case wasnt instinct at all. It was the presence of God working there.

I believe that when we hear our instinct is probably that things doesnt work in a very good way... at least most of the times that i heard my instinct, or my own internal voice, things have turned in a very bad way :(

God bless u!
You know, God has blessed humans with many gifts... many unexplainable gifts... such as this thing called Instinct... otherwise known as Intuition (just a different term). First of all, let me tell you, there's nothing magical about instinct or intuition. Many times it is confused with predicting the future, or witchcraft, or other junk like that. Nope, intuition is nothing like that. God has blessed us with this gift, that many times we ignore, because we don't understand it, or it isn't logical to us. Humans today don't want to believe or do things they don't understand. How many times does someone ask us to do something and we find ourselves asking: "What for?"

I'm reading a book called "The Gift of Fear" and it has to do with just that. Following our instinct to protect ourselves. There is always a voice telling us, do this, do that. Sometimes we think that voice has gone nuts because its making no sense so we shut it up, and go with logic or convenience. We tend to run on our own knowledge rather than this gift God has given us because we think we are smarter.

Really, your intuition kicks in when your mind noticed something in your surroundings that you didn't. It's a strange thing, it is. I might just be rambling, but this is a very broad topic. I recommend that book. It's very interesting, and I've learned to become more alert and aware of my surroundings, basically... to protect myself. No one else is responsible for your safety except yourself. If you're learning to listen to that voice, do it, man! It's something God gave you, so use it. Just like your ears, eyes, and nose!