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- June 30, 2005

It was a day not unlike any other day. Nothing was unusual about the weather; the mornings news was bad as it always was. As he was walking to his car parked in the driveway, the too familiar feeling of despair crept back into his mind. The feeling had been with him every since he could remember. However, he had gotten used to ignoring it. Once he got to the office and got busy with the day the feeling would soon subside, covered up by the work and meetings ahead. He usually worked late and could get home, eat his warmed up dinner, and get to bed before there was enough time for the feeling to return.

As he turned the corner out of the neighborhood, the feeling got worse than it usually did. He knew he just needed to start thinking about the day and the tasks ahead, which would get rid of the feeling. As he turned each corner, the pain got worse and worse. He wondered if he would even make it to the parking lot of the office before having to pull off the road. Ahh, the office was just ahead and in minutes, he would be in the safe refuge of missed deadlines and a plethora of phone calls. As he pulled his sports car into a parking space, the tears began to well up and he sat there sobbing uncontrollably. Regardless of all his success and outward appearance of having everything together, his life was in shambles. It had been for a long time. He had only reached out for help from others a couple of times and only prayed to God in extreme cases. Nevertheless, he had been generally opposed to reaching out for help from God or anyone. Now he sat in his car with nothing to show for his life but failed marriages, failed friendships, lonely nights, busy days, and a half-warmed seat in church on Sunday mornings. God felt as far away as he had left Him years ago.

Much of what is taught in families, secondary school, college, and business is how to get ahead, stay ahead, and leave everything else in the dust. We have learned it well, and most have applied the teaching by leaving everything that could be dear to them in a huge plume of smoke. After destroying everything, all that is around these faithful learners is what they have created. Their only friends are others like themselves who have also destroyed their lives. While trying to create lives and find a happy existence, they have left out the essential ingredients: God and caring for others.

Look at this story in the bible, which shows how temporal the material things in life are and how permanent the spiritual decisions are:

"There once was a rich man, expensively dressed in the latest fashions, wasting his days in conspicuous consumption. A poor man named Lazarus, covered with sores, had been dumped on his doorstep. All he lived for was to get a meal from scraps off the rich man's table. His best friends were the dogs who came and licked his sores.

"Then he died, this poor man, and was taken up by the angels to the lap of Abraham. The rich man also died and was buried. In hell and in torment, he looked up and saw Abraham in the distance and Lazarus in his lap. He called out, "Father Abraham, mercy! Have mercy! Send Lazarus to dip his finger in water to cool my tongue. I'm in agony in this fire.'

"But Abraham said, "Child, remember that in your lifetime you got the good things and Lazarus the bad things. It's not like that here. Here he's consoled and you're tormented." Luke 16:19-25 (The Message)

God has an incredible plan for each of our lives, but in order to experience it, our lives must be squarely focused on Him, and we need to give God complete control.

"How temporal the material things in life are, and how permanent the spiritual decisions are!" Amen

Job 8:13 Such is the hopeless future of all who turn from God and trust in something as frail as a spider's web-- they take hold and fall because it's so flimsy.
Amen Chad ! Kingdom thinking is what we should be all about . :thumbs_up Mike