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Im stressed= angry :(

Hey guys.

ok, so most of u know me.. 4 those who dont... im like nearly 18, an in my final yr of skool.. about 2 do some major exams in like 2-3mnths which like nearly decide wot i do @ university...

ANYWAYZ.. 2 get 2 these exams, i have 2 study... an i have been doin dat, a lot.. i spose.. :shade:

ANYWHO.. im gettin stressed, whcih in turn is making me stressed, whcih leads 2 me being angry an like not fun 2 b around... :thumbs_do

So wot im askin 4, is ur prayer that i dont get 2 stressed over these exams.. and that i am able to do my best, to get a high UAI so that i am able to do a course of primary teaching next year... :thumbs_up

I would really value all your prayers, and i thank all u guyz 4 being my friends through out evrything!!!
Don't get stressed . Just relax if you can . I will pray for you . :thumbs_up Mike
hey aussiebaby, We love holding you up in this time and you are still buncha fun to be around. . .and you know what. . .we even like you around when you are stressed too :love: cause I will still come on and look for aussiebaby to get to know you better each time I see you. . . I pray that you find time to link into TJ for prayer, comfort, love and fellowship. . .some good clean jokes and fun and lots of open arms waiting to hug you Love ya, babe
PS: You can come and gripe at me if you feel like it . . . I catch you :love:
I don't know you because I'm new to the site, but we are all connected by Christ as brothers and sisters. In 2 Timothy 2:15 The Word says "study" to show thyself approved. It doesn't happen automatically, we have to study to make sure that we are prepared. If you study diligently as the Word says, you will be approved, and you will pass. It's hard I know, I've been in college, and working, and the whole nine.. it's hard, but if you buckle down, and study hard, it will come. Pray for God's strength. Be careful also like the Word says to not allow your anger to cause you to sin. I forget where that is, in the Bible, but have read it several times. I pray that God supplies you with the perserverence, and peace you need to make it through, There is no failure in God. Take Him with you, and you will make it! God bless you!