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I'm Looking for........anyone help?

I'm looking for hymns or carols without the words sung only the
music of them, nice quiet calm soothing, know what I mean?
know of any out there?
I've looked today in town and came home with a cd called
Renaissance Music for inner peace, and it's awful
I hope I can find the receipt to return it and get
something in it's place.
I hope some of you can suggest some.
I heard this man George Huff singing on the
God Channel TV last night he sang Silent Night
I tried today in the Faith Mission Shop to buy
his Christmas Album he sounded so lovely but they
didn't have it, anyone heard of him?
Thank you bros and sis's in Christ.
I found some more great stuff by Googling ... "Christmas Instrumentals" (without parentheses)

If you email me I can send you the links
Sorry for so long in reply but had to replace p.c. took a long time to sort
Thank you for all your suggestions, now one more question do you know any sites were Christian Music can be downloaded from? I used to have one but cant remember it and it was on old pc.
Thank you again and Lordbless all you do in Jesus name.