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I'm Gigi - nice to meet you

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Gigiloveslife, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. Hi, all! I am joining because I love interacting with people - in person and online. I don't really do social media, and find that I prefer relating in forums like this if I'm going to be on the computer (or researching whatever topic I'm interested in at the moment).

    I've been a believer for 15 years and I have a deep desire for others to see and understand the immeasurable love of God in Christ for them, the finished work of Christ on their behalf and our unity with Christ. These truths truly set us free...

    I'm in the middle of a separation (separated for 1 year at this time). My husband is an unbeliever. I mention this because it is a big part of my life right now and if anyone feels led to pray for God's mercy in my husband's life and for our family and marriage, and wisdom for each step.... well....I would be very grateful. Even in the pain, the deepest part of me knows that God is sovereign and has a good plan for me, no matter what it might look like at the moment.

    Would love to know more about you - whoever would like to share!
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  2. Welcome to the forum (every time I say that, I think of ancient roman days and their use of the word, LOL). Praying for you, your peace, and your family!!
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  3. @Gigiloveslife

    Welcome to the forum.

    Praying for you and your situation.
  4. Brad, funny! :D Amadeus2, thank you. It's an interesting journey.
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  6. Gigi Welcome to our little aggregation. We're all friends here even though at times we get rather hot in our discussions. Our views and understandings will vary wildly at times. I believe there is nobody in our group who is not truely friendly and loving...nobody here who will do any stomping on another persons views, and feelings.

    I too love people but......I do not like to be in their company much. I prefer to mix online. When I get tired of people I walk away and nobody gets offended. :happytongue:

    May I make a suggestion concerning your hugsband? Stop speaking that he is an unbeliever....Start speaking that he is a son of God....Around him.....interact with him 'under the assumption' that he most definitely IS a believer. Concerning hugsband, find a good scripture that speaks what you want in and for him....That is what you speak concerning him. Can do?
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  7. Welcome to Talk Jesus @Gigiloveslife

    Enjoy the forums and online Christian fellowship.
  8. Thank you, Laura, Bendito and Fragrant Grace. God just confirmed my next step through you. I am excited to wake up this morning and read your comment and know that God is moving and working (always, right?)

    There is a *lot* to my story but the biggest thing is that about a year or year and a half before we separated, God very clearly said to me in my spirit that I would have to be removed from my husband's life before he would come to God. I had no idea what that meant at the time because even though our marriage was very painful, I would not have anticipated us separating.

    But God knew what was coming and he gave me that promise to hold onto.

    Lately - and especially last night, I have been throwing around the idea of being bolder in the very thing you mentioned. And just last night, God led me to a chapter in a book where the wife also spoke this truth over her husband. I have been speaking it and claiming that promise to my friends but not around my husband when we do see each other.

    So thank you for saying what God laid on your heart to say. I love the way God speaks through His children to each other.

    My struggle in this situation has also been that God asked me if I was willing to let go of my intact family and my marriage for my husband's salvation and if I was willing to see him with another woman one day who would get the benefits of him as a new creation in Christ.

    But....I am wrestling with God about this. I am begging him for His mercy for our family and saying to Him...."No, I'm not willing to see him saved with another woman one day."....But, in the end, I know that my husband's salvation is worth whatever it takes to get there. But I'm not giving up and feel that I am being confirmed in this also with the messages God is putting in front of me the last few days (sermons about people "changing God's mind" or reminders of stories where people pressed in to lay hold on an impossible thing because of their faith in God).

    As I said, I've been thinking about speaking the truth out loud to my husband and even thought of telling him the details that I outlined above about how God spoke to me. But I'm not sure that he needs to know all those details.....

    God will lead. Thanks again. And thanks for sharing a little bit about you. Community is hard and risky but also such a blessing and God uses it to grow us, humble us and to root us even more in our identity and security in Him (because let's face it, community leaves us feeling very insecure at we learn to stand in the love and acceptance of God and all the truths of who we are in Him).
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