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If you knew this....

If you did know what I know and it's regarding one of my own son's toward the wife he is divorcing, he is being decietful to her and I know it, what should I do, say nothing? or tell ? I don't know what the Lord would have me do, sometimes I feel the Holy Spirit proding me to say just a little thing then I resist it, and don't.
His wife thinks they might get back together at some stage, but I know he has someone else but she doesn't, see it's awkward, down right awful, I love my daughter in law very much and hate to see my son decieving her this way, but I also feel I'm doing it too.
Go to your son and tell him what you know about his circumstance and give him the opertunity to tell his wife the truth, and tell him if he chooses not to tell his wife than you will have to tell her your self. If he is a believer he should also repent(turn away from this other women) and ask God and everyone else concerned to forgive him. If he refuses than get a witness, if he still refuses tell it to the church.
I know this sounds hard, but it is what Jesus said to do and believe me no one wants whats best for your son more than Jesus does.
I will pray for you to have the strength to do what is right and for your son to respond in a positive manner. God bless you Maureen
Thank you for your help very much needed and appreciated.
Strypes, you said what I was just thinking that is just what would happen and puts me off doing anything.
Jiggyfly this has already been put to my son by my husband if he didn't tell Debs that he would, but he never carried it though, neither of them are saved, only myself, in my family, much to my disappointment but our God is an able God and he can reach them when he is ready to do so. amen
My son has such a short 'fuse' with me, I don't know why, he knows I love Deborah very much, and am very close to her, so I can only stab at it being that, he knows if anyone is going to say anything it'd be me, and why shouldn't I stand up to the truth, that is what hurts me I want to tell the truth as it is what sets us free, I'm so burdened over it, at wanting to do the right thing for Jesus sake, I will keep on praying over it, and let the Holy Spirit lead me
I will let you know when I do Thank you brother and sister in Jesus
Just a little update on this
I talked it over with my Christian neighbour and she said to sow tiny seeds of doubt in Deborah's mind then let her take it over from there
so I got the opening to do just that as she phoned me looking for him and believing that he was were he wasn't
so I gave her the lad's phone number for her to get my son herself which she was told he wasn't there,but she has decided to think that he may be working instead, so be it, he wasn't and I could have told her but I let it go, I thought I'd done something and I pray to the Lord it is enough in his eyes alone, I only want to do what is pleasing onto him.
We do reap what we sow, in this world, by God or in God, he will be dealt with for what he's doing, so I leave it to higher authority, Our Lord Jesus.