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if you are in a youth group, please respond

Hi all,

I was recently asked to lead a Sunday morning youth bible study group and was wondering what your favorite games/activities were from your youth group.

when i was in the youth, we didn't really play games, but we had praise and worship time, where a kid would lead worship and then we'd break off into our classes and my favorite time was the discussion. it was less lecture/lesson-type, and more of a sharing experiences type of thing and sharing our thoughts on scripture, etc.
Thanks! Given time, I am sure more people in our group will want to open up and share. Perhaps time, (time in prayer, worship, the Word, - just waiting on Him) is all that's needed.
I love the way that our youth group has leaders to help the youth worker. I brings meanin to many hopefuls for a future ministry and makes it more age friendly.... The praise and worship and practical examples, testimonies and ice breakers also important. Remeber to grow with your youth and have a very solid foundation of prayer
Its very important to develop an atmosphere of 'i can talk to u ucan talk to me' than trying to impose values on the young people. try being a friend instead of lecturing it helps!
Youth Groups

I love my youth groups I attend two different churches the one we sing pray and have sports before and then learn. and the other we learn eat and meet abunch of people and singing is involved. But i would just have to say do your own thing. :dog:
i go to an awesum yg and it's the highlight of my week. i love the studies we do and while i know alot of kids dont find it as interesting as i do, its great when it meets up personally where you are... i mean, thats where Jesus met us when he came to the earth. he experience everything and knows exactly where we are and understands, so i think that needs to be taken into account when leading. everyone's different and you have to do ur best to understand and appreciate everyone's contributions or lack-there-of.
Good luck!!! and i know God will help you the whole way!!! :)
in our youth we had for valentines day a little picnic in the attic (which is actually a little classroom) and we had worship then we each wrote a love letter to God and we pinned it against the wall on a cross.on the youth camp we played 60 seconds- when we formed groups of 12 then two groups of 12 would face each other in a circle and each person would get 60 seconds to chat to someone and after the 60secs the person in the outer circle would swop seats to the person sitting next to him.the whole lesson is that we cant have short chats with God and expect to have a personal lesson with Him. another thing we did was that they divded us into groups 0f6 or 7 and then hand us a poster with a small page with a bunch of scriptures and trhen in our groups we had to draw a certain kind of "mindmap" in which we had to describe 3 things:
1. what God expects from us
2. what we expect from God
3. what we should do if we want a personal relationship with Him
the small page with scriptures were scrpitures that gave some answers of the 3 topics.
then at the end a representitive of each group had to come up and talk about thier poster and the group with the best poster each won a small choclate or something.
hope this helps!
p.s. good praise and worship as well as group discussions were always also the best! ; )

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