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I'd like to be a prayer warrior

wow, I never saw this prayer warrior thing before. I think it's so awesome, I want to be it, what do i do, how do i sign up? well God bless you all
Sleepy you don't need any experience or you don't have to sign up anywhere just the fact that you want to be come a prayer warrior makes you one all you have to do is go and start a prayer group which will be able to go around and pray for people or a group that meets by someone's house or so and then you pray from there Read Matthew 5-7 it teaches alot.

My dear friend remember that the Devil will try and end it because of the effect prayer got and the greatness that will fall upon your life.

So sleepy stop sleeping and start praying

GBU & Good luck
From Warrior "Prayer Warrior"
Ummm, I want to say one thing first. I feel very strongly about Intercessory Prayer (Prayer Warriors). I take it seriously, because it is one of the highest callings God can give someone, and I do not want to offend anyone at all ever, but I do not think you can just join and make yourself a prayer warrior. I am human though, I may be wrong, I just though God had to call you. But even if I am wrong if you are interested in intercessory prayer, look into it. Read about what it is and means, and then pray about it. It is a big responsibility, and God wants responsible people to stand in the gap. So you know, whatever you want to do, be sure you know all about it, and have prayed about it.
If I have offended anyone, please forgive me. I truly am sorry, but it is something you would have to hear from God. If I am wrong about the prayer warrior thing, will someone please tell me? Thank you.

God Bless
Sis in Christ :love:
Staff Member
Good response Lnrobar (I also said that on the other thread in the forum lol)

I think when I began the forum Prayer Warriors it was more of an intention to build up the site activity and motivate people to pray for each other. It had nothing to do with intercessory prayer as we know it (Scriptural) but just the name "warrior" to empashize the power of prayer and the strenth in one's faith to be strong for Christ. :)

God bless you
I read and understand now

Thank you for explaining Inrobar and Chad. I'm glad I understand more. I don't think I am called for this.

ps I'm never offended by imparted knowledge... it allows me to grow and learn so thank you again.
Dont let this stop you from praying though, I just wanted to tell people what being a prayer warrior really meant, and you never know, down the road God couls say it's your time to pray, and that would be all she wrote. But by all means, if you ever feel the need to pray for someone, even if you do not know them, do it. That is the Holy Spirit moving on you, and you and that person will be blessed. Just because you are not called for prayer as your weapon, you can still be what I like to call a prayer soilder! That is someone who likes to pray, and has another blessed calling in their life.
Good Luck

God Bless
Sis in Christ :love: