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I still love you

Ok, folks.. Im not really good with words - this poem is about a relationship that never have been good and I would love to have someone praying for me about this relationship...


Where were you when I needed you,
when I needed a helping hand?

Where were you when I was beaten up,
because I didnt have those levis-jeans?

Why couldnt you hold my hand,
when I needed it?

Why couldnt help me with those words,
those I couldnt spell?

Why were you so angry,
every time my results werent perfect?

Why was I penalised,
for something I couldnt do?

Still you wanted me to be perfect,
and if I did someting right,
you took the credit-

Night and day,
I wanted you to be like the others-

Every second I wanted you to be a guiding star,
to be my idol-

You didnt keep your promises,
and still I wanted to be like you-

You shouted at me every night,
still I wanted to be like you-

You hurt me,
you brougth misery upon me-

But I cant help myself,
I just want you in my life-

I want you to understand,
to say you love me no matter what-

I want to share my life with you,
hear you say your proud of me no matter what-

Because I still love you,
I can forgive you all the things you did-

Because I want you more than ever,
I will give you my heart-

Why cant you see,
that I need your love-

The love you give my stepbrother and sister
Wow, that was really good ^__^ You express yourself very well. I'll pray for your relationship and that everything works out!!
You moved my heart with your words...I will pray for you and for the other person in this relationship...draw close to the Lord and He will draw close to you...God is so very real and He is a gentle loving Father that loves and delights in you...yes, He delights in you, that was a hard one for me to learn...well actually I'm still learning that one, thonyb, Hang in there...I would love to share my testimony with you sometime...not to gloat...but to tell you how this broken child came to know a loving Father, that in spite of all my mess ups, which were many...He loved me, He held my hand and still loves me ...I will pray for you and your family...and I will also pray that the Lord will reveal Himself to you...in a mighty way.
thonyb ... I will pray for you . I have been where you are and felt how you feel . If you want to talk more , private message me . :love: :boy_hug: