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I NEED HELP From the Lord Meds are driving me batty

Well I am about to take my bloodpressure pills.I will also be taking a antihystamine that is very potent. I have a condition that basically inflames my sinus'es and cant sleep at night without another round of antihystamines and a muscle relaxant .We are in the peak season for allergies here in the Sf Bay area..Expecting the Lord to solve this is proving to be a real challenge.I think he wants me to seek help through alternative medicine.What I really need is some bodywork.Something I have a degree in but have not performed for quite awhile.I may resort to needles I know where to put them.It means a trip to Chinatown soon.I will be getting herbs as well. Please pray for me on a scale of one to ten I am a 5 but it's enough to affect my focus and I work with tools that are potentailly dangerous.Peace Christan JHS
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When I was a young adult I didimy pot and other things routine,Now Im finding that Doctors and prescriptions meds arent much different in fact they may be more dangerous.,LOL ThanksBrother In Arms. Shalom Christan JHS
I am taking a new medicine because I have a disc in my neck that is ruptured. I have to say that it makes me so stupid. It has been a problem because I also have a depression problem and when I took my new medicine with my depression medicine I got severely depressed. I made a choice and gave up my depression medicine. So, far I'm not sorry about the choice, but the medicine for my pain makes it so hard to think straight. It also makes you stumble around a bit when you first get up in the morning. Now, I have done my share of street drugs, but this is different. It's not fun. I get really mad at myself especially when I have to do certain things like pay the bills, or fix my daughter's home-school assingments. I know that there are those that think taking medicines mean you aren't trusting the Lord enough. Now, I'm not saying that's not so, but there are those who were called of God to be doctors and those He gave the ability to study and find uses for the drugs some of us have to use. Anyway we seem to have some things in common. We must trust in the Lord in all things. That's where I go astray more than ever. .......Later, jmh137