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I need a husband

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New Member
I am 21 years and I have never been on a date or been loved so deeply by a man. I have been meeting the wrong guys who will be after using ladies and not serious at all when it comes to settling down. My friends are all in serious relationships and others are already married except for me. Yes I know some may say I musn't rush, but its something that I want so much. I want to get married and have children also. I also want to be loved, go on dates and be valued by someone. I want to be respected, appreciated, valued and just have someone who will call me his wife with love.

I have been fasting about this and each day, I pray to God to bless me with a husband and I kindly appeal to all of you to help me pray. He said in Mathew 7:7, Ask and it shall be given unto you. I know He hears and will answer my prayer, so may you please join your faith with mine and pray with me for me to be found by a great, loving man.
I know some very normal but godly people who got married just like that oneday, cause they had faith in God, they married good people too.

Put God first, is He first? Do you want Him more than you want a husband? Search your heart, if God isn't above all yet, you're not ready.

And are you dating the right godly guys? or you're just going with the flow and giving all guys a chance? You gotta cross some guys out, make a list of the deal breakers.

You might wanna go to church more, participate in church meetings, bible studies, church activities, church trips/camps, church is the best place to meet good guys.

But don't go after a guy who says he believes in God but he is living as he pleases, even devils believe in God, go after a guy whose on fire for God, you want that kind of marriage, believe me.

You'll probably get married, don't worry, if God put that desire in your heart, it's meant to happen.

God bless you :smile:
New Member
Thank You so much Property Of God. I really love God so much and with all my heart. I always put Him first and He is the first person I consult before making any decisions. I will keep praying and I know nothing is too hard for God.
Mat 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Keep seeking God. He knows what you need and will provide in due season.
New Member
I love the way Isaac got his wife. Everything was predistined.Gen24.Wait upon the Lord woman of God. He who called you is faithful,he will do it.God has ordained a mighty man of God who never bowed down to Baal. See what happened to Elijah, when he thought all the prophets had bowed down to Baal.God told him; I have reserved1Kings19:18Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.

Yes wait upon the Lord he has reserved one 4u
Be blessed
New Member
Not all "good guys" are in church! I dated one for about two months and he started being verbally abusive to me and now says he has no desire to get married (even though he says different in sunday school)! I guess he was dating me just to get money which I will NEVER give to a date again-the first time they ask the relationship is over! But, Mendy, I am writing you this to warn you not to be naive and think just because you meet a guy at church he is going to be "decent and Godly"-he may use you, be abusive, etc!
New Member
I also wanted a husband and prayed for years about it and waited until God said that a man was the one until I agreed to marry him. I thought I was going to be loved and appreciated. All the stuff you said above and I was really looking forward to it because my father disown and hated me for most of my life. I had it set in my heart to be the best wife ever and show God that I was grateful for what he had given me. I have been married for 7 years now and I have to say it has the been some of the worse 7 years of my life and that's bad because my childhood when my childhood memories consist of rape, physical and emotional abuse from both my parents. I ran way when I was 15 and struggled on my own until I became an adult even though I still struggled sometimes after that. my husband was great at first and we were friends for over 3 years talking almost everyday. But shortly after we married, he changed and was very eager to show me that he cared nothing for me. He used me, emotionally abused me, and bullied me for years. Throughout the entire time I was praying and still trying my best to be a good wife to him. As the years passed he only got worse, even calling me on the phone yelling at me not even 1 hour after I have given birth and came down with a terrible stomach virus and was throwing up during and after the labor. And leaving me to fend for myself when I came home after the baby was born while he played video games. After some years I started to stand up to him and thought things got a little better but not completely. We would be fine for a few months and then all of a sudden he would start treating me like dirt. Once walking right past me and out the door without even blinking while I was having a panic attack. Even now, he will go weeks acting as if I don't exist. He won't talk to me, and will walk right pass me as if I am not even there. I have asked God many times why he brought such a horrible man into my life who seems incapable of loving me and God doesn't answer. I believe I am being punished for some reason by God which I don't know and I realize that for God to allow this even after I already had an abusive childhood that somehow I deserve this...it has been very difficult and heartbreaking reality but I am learning to accept it. As of now me and my husband live in separate parts of the house and don't even talk to each other. I want to divorce him but decided to stay for the children. And I have finally given up on the idea that he will ever love me. I know that my marriage is different and personalized for me. and I have met people that have had good and blessed marriages but I say all this to say to you....please don't think just because you get married or even that if God sends you a husband that its going to be peaches and roses. It may very well be one of the worse mistakes and experiences you have ever had. I don't know if me and my husband will ever part ways but between him and the childhood I had, I will be very happy when I die. Hopefully, I can redeem myself in Gods eyes enough to get into heaven. Maybe then this hellish life I have had will be worth it. Sorry for the sad story but God knows its true.

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