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I must decrease, He must increase

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I write this today having come through a week of utter devastation and heart break.

I share it to encourage others to keep going and to put God first in their lives.

Last week there ws a major misunderstanding as a result of my taking my eyes off Jesus for a split second....big mistake.

I had advice on a subject and misinterpreted it. I let anger and jealousy take seed. Anger gave way to distrust and distrust to hurting those I cared most about.

Satan whispered and whispered in my ear more and more. Sadly I could not spot it. The more I went on the worse it got.

My stomach went in knots, I could not rest or relax, I was in danger of bitterness and even at one point considered ending it all as it wasnt me writing these hurtful things but the poison within me.

On the weekend I knew something had to be done. I adapted the scripture in James and annointed myself in cooking oil and asked for God's touch. Immediately my heart softened and I wept for the hurt I had caused. I felt a wretch and worthless.

I had the call about this time to restart a prayer email loop where brothers and sisters in Christ pray for each other. It was at this point that I realised that I had taken my eye off the ball, spiritually speaking. I realised that I needed to give things to God and He must live not me, more in my life.

Since then I have made every effort to beg forgiveness that isnt deserved from people and they and God have been gracious. Yesterday the Sunday service was on the dangers of worrying and it spoke to me.

I praise God that He has reminded me to follow my call and all other things are secondary to that. I must decrease, He must increase.

God bless and thanks for reading
Dear Brother,

All of us need to decrease and God to increase. Know that you are never alone on this journey (which I am sure you know just reminding)

Your sister in Christ, Bobbie
Smilebig, thank you for sharing this with us. And thank you for the testimony of God's Grace & Glory in your situation. He knows your heart & will see you through.
praise God

I want to thank God as He helped me to release the emotional hurt totally today.

He gave me a song and I have a total peace on the subject.

The battle belongs to the LORD \O/

God bless
John 3:30 is my favorite verse

Hi David,

"He must increase, but I must decrease (John 3:30) is my favorite verse."

It reminds me that "It's not about ME".

Glad you shared your struggle brother. I will pray for you and like someone said above, you're not alone.

God is in control

Just to update you...

God is healing my heart and drawing me to him and all parties are reconciled.

It is a lesson that we must always stay true and close to Him and no to give Satan a chance.

He must increase and we must decrese.

God bless
Hi SmileBig..

Hello SmileBig, I certainly enjoyed reading your post. It is courageous that you shared yourself with us in such a way. I understand that it is difficult to express such intimate feelings, God has truly blessed you with asking for help.

We being human, need to help each other by holding each other accountable to God's Word. Our struggles never end, we must continually seek God through His Holy Word and let Him guide us in managing our struggles.

I find that when I put on the whole armor of God my day's go much easier. I also keep in mind the Lord's prayer. I think on things throughout the day while maintaining my focus on God and His kingdom. Pray without ceasing.

Satan may tempt but will not prevail.

In Jesus' name. Amen.
I pray that your healing be restored to overflowing measure . :love: God gives grace to the humble . May you find rest in his loving grace and all involved in Jesus name . :love: :boy_hug: Mike