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I know this is not real important but.....

for the last part three days my two out of three dogs have been causing me stress.I know that dont sound like a big emergency but i,m a person that is prone to worry and stress alot at times.One of the dogs likes to excape the garage and bark,and the other one whines and fusses i dont know why because she is let out with the others every day.I need them both to stop and behave and obviously they wont behave or listen so i am at a loss .Listen i know if no-one wants to pray for me about something like that i understand but it would be nice though.
Lone angel
Hey, what do you mean no one pray for you? Gosh of course. Our animals are a gift from God. could be anxiety issue for the whiner one, separation anxiety maybe. I don't get the garage one though and what he is doing in there in the first place so can't answer that one.
I will pray for you for sure.
Staff Member
I have an 8lb poodle who loves to bark at anyone outside my family lol. Not sure why, its ok though. Can be annoying sometimes (say too many people passing by my house walking, the barking is a bit extra loud and longer).

Keep in mind this great thing: GOD loves all of us and cares for *every bit* of our lives whether the tiniest issues or largest, GOD cares as much equally the same. GOD does not say this is too small of an issue to answer or this is too big for me to handle, no way! GOD loves to hear it all and loves to heal it all :)
Hello... that's the wonderful thing about God. Nothing is too small, or too hard for God. There's only one thing that God can't do.. and that's fail! If it's the small shoestring on your shoe and it's important to you, then it's important to God. I'll be praying for you!