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I give it all - worship lyrics

Okay, I have the gift of writing, right? If you've read my sermon, I hope you think so. Anyways, I have wrote some lyrics to a praise song, but, unfortunately, I don't have the gift of putting notes to words, so, if you would like to work with me on this, PM me, and I will have conversations with you and what not, and we can work together on it. So, have fun reading, and like my sermon, PLEEZ COMMENT!
All my love,


Verse 1
For You, O God, are the King of everything
The Lord of all who live
You alone created me
And I will live for you eternally

God, Lord God, you are my King
God, Lord God, you are my everything
In You I give my praise
In You I give my worship
In You, In You I give it all

Verse 2
For You, O God, sent Your only Son
to die for all our sin
You alone gave Your life
And I commit, to you, my life and soul


Verse 3
For You, O God, will be there in the end
and create the new world
And we will all give praise
The enemy gone for one thousand years


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