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i don't know where i stand

four months ago i found out that my husband of fourteen months was a gambler:thumbs_do . i didn't know what to do but was advised that he had to get help. i made apointments for him but he refused to get help. i left him and told him that if he got help i would return. now four months later i find out that not only wont he get help but he has started seeing someone else :confused: . i want to walk away but feel bound by our marriage vows. does God expect me to just keep waiting for him?
If your husband is committing adultery with another woman then that is grounds for divorce. Adultery is sexual immorality.

Matthew 5
32 "But I say to you that whoever divorces his wife for any reason except sexual immorality causes her to commit adultery; and whoever marries a woman who is divorced commits adultery.

All Praise The Ancient of Days
Hey Kristin. . . if I understand the bible correct, than you able to be clear to go with divorce papers, if something like the above happened and your husband agrees and lets you out of the marrige. . . he shouldn't have a problem letting you freely. . . hmmmmmmmmm. . . ask him, if he will divorce you. . .so you may have a live again too?
see what he says, he might have never seen it that way . .
If he does have a problem letting you go. . . well how about christian counseling at a churchpastor, elder. . .something?
If you are not having a church. . go and search that one first and refresh and rebuild you for your sake!
if you are having hopes and God told you something for this marrige. . . search for these answers in his word. . .
I will pray for you, that you can have a straight mind again soon, you must be going nuts. . . and must be hurt terribly! God bless you!
peeps :love:
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I will keep you in my prayers! I know this is very difficult for you and all you can do now is trust in God's guidance and godly people. They will help you through. God Bless you :love:
Greetings! 2 things-you can separate with your husband or you can fight it out by being with him and applyin God's love to him as i he's not sinning. If you can do the latter, do it with God's strength. If not, separate or file a divorce but for me, as long as helives you cannot see or marry another man. but the best is always PRAYER. But God can;t hear you if you'll not forive your husband.Forgive and God's blessings will overflow.PRAY for him not because he's your husbnd but because he's a soul that needs to be saved.Pray for him not because you wanted your burden remove but pray for him because God wants him to be saved. God bless you. God loves you very much.