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How Oklahoma police took $53,000 from a Burmese Christian band, ....

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by milordsheep, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Very sad, glad to pray for justice.
  2. @milordsheep

    Not surprised about this story. There are certain roads in the US that are thoroughfares for drug trafficking or better known as "Drug Corridors". That the innocent also get caught up in this is also no surprise. I was stopped in West Virginia on a interstate that runs almost to California. The location was perfect for almost any vehicle could be stopped if they wanted to do so and they would have the justification for doing so. So they would select the vehicle they believed would be containing drugs, and make the stop. I had traveled about a thousand miles on this road and had seen different types of vehicles stopped in each of the states this road traversed. Never thinking that I would also be stopped! God is good and nothing happened.

    Sadly, this Burmese Brother in Christ did not speak good English. This just compounds the situation because you are considered a foreigner, which to many not all is one reason to be suspicious. Cash in any large amount is becoming more suspicious also, as this country starts becoming a cashless society.

    Did a little research and found that the Institute for Justice being involved helped resolve the case!!!
    Below is link to the site that has an update on the case. We can give the Glory and Praise to God for the results!

    The Institute for Justice

    Thanks for sharing this news concerning our Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus Brother.
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  3. So the end is not yet, even though it is still on the approach. Give God the glory!

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