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how do you know

for those that are either married or found the perso they will marry could you please offer me advice as to like how doyou know when you have found the right one?
There you are!! still askign away... i LOVE IT!!!

ok well as i am not married but have a GF, i think i got a lil bit of a say in it... and that is

i dotn think that you can just walk past some one and know that they are the one for you. i dotn think that you can just become really Quick and good friends with the right person and then know it... i think that you mostly need to PRAY about it. you will not fidn the rigth one without prayer i dotn think but i may be wrong... some one tell me if i am please??

but you need to do ALOT of prayign about it. even if you dotn knwo who your prayign for but if you have a name and you think that on the INSIDE they are worth what you need and that you are seing them for what God has made for you then Pray about it. heaps...

if you are how ever lookign for Non Godly answer... LOL as in NOt Bible Related or somethign like that well then...

i guess if you are So close friends you woudl rather see the person happy even if it broke your heart but she/he was happy doign what ever they were doign even if it resulted in not beign with you and soem one else. well then if you are that much trust iun them and then you need ot brign it bakc to God then because you know that your doign what you think is rigth Ask God to show you... but yeah find some one and if yout hink that they mean the world to you find out if they do , ask your self. can you coap beign away form this person,? can you be happy for ythem if they are happy away form you,? do you think that that is what God has in store for you soul mate wise or is God showing you a GLIMP'S of what is to come...

i hope you all read thru that properly and comment on me if i am rigth or wrong. i liek Critisism and asnwers for my self... :):) lol

Love Simon!!!
good question craig you just do lol . . .like its the perfect match . . .everything fits. . .every toppic gets covered . . . you can even fight in love and know that you wont seperate . . because you belong to each other and no one else would match you better . . .

you always feel in love like day 1 . . .even if you have had years and years behind you . . .and diffeculties made. . .whenever you can submit your relationship or marrige under Gods leadership together and tell each other that God comes first and your partner says . . yeah same here :love:

I could go on and on and on. . .im married for 13 years this year . . .and i still love waking up and say:
Honey, do you know what I love most about being married :love:
and he even knows the answer nowadays lol

he will say: Yeah . . .waking up next to me for the rest of your life :love:

it just doesnt quit you see. . .:love: God bless you in your quiet time with Him :love:
thanks for the advice....

this is something thats just eating me up because ive never actually had a girlfriend which i know is a good thing but im just at that point in my life were im just really ready to share my life with someone....i guess i just want someone for me to love and for them to love me!! i just feel like part of me is missing.
Dear Craig,

I really do sympathize with you. I understand that longing. The reason I am posting is to remind you that you are very vulnerable at this stage in your life. It is a perfect time for you to be deceived simply because you are so hungry for that companionship that you so need and desire.

It is vital that you go in prayer and put this desire at the foot of the cross. Give yourself over to God. Tell him that if you have to live this way for the rest of your life you are willing if he will enable you. Tell him you want him more than human love. POUR out your heart to him and give yourself utterly to him. He will take you up. He will protect you from being deceived. He will send you the right person or fulfill your life otherwise.

There are people out there just ready to pretend until marriage. And then surprise. It is horrible. I see it constantly. This is no fable.

The Bible is full of wisdom. Whatever you do make sure you are both lovers of God and in agreement in your principles. I assure you that an unhappy marriage is destructive beyond belief.

I also assure you that marrying the right person is a life of fulfillment.

How will you know? Both of you will love each other. You will be most important to her. And she will be most important to you. You will both want to give 100 percent. Selfishness and a demanding attitude is not love. There will be a willingness to sacrifice to make sure the other is blessed. And above all there will be a desire to please God. Desire for each other will be rich. But it will not control the relationship. The good of the other person is what motivates love.

Oh..I could go on and on. But this is enough for now I am sure. If you want to pm I am always available. There is nothing more important than marrying the right person.

By the way, I have been married 42 years and am a minister and counselor....so any questions...I will be glad to try and help. I take your question very seriously!

God's rich blessings
Staff Member
Brother Craig,

Here are some Scripture to help you.

Be patient

1 Corinthians 13:4
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

GOD's timing His will be done

Ecclesiastes 3:1
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven
Such a blessing to be reminded of the scripture concerning time. Sometimes I can be so impatient waiting for the different seasons of life to pass and the refreshing of a new season to arrive. It is so good to remember that God has a time for everything. Renewing to the spirit. The scripture is lively today!
thanks for the advice....

if use have read my "this girl...." thread please ignore it as that was just a really silly crush which i had to try and cover up for my feelings towards a particular friend. This friend of mine her name is Ligaya and ive been really close friends with her for about 3 1/2 half years now and we have been through stacks together. she has made mistakes in her life such as losing her virginity but has since broken all soul ties and has repented and turned away from that so thats no concern of mine, because i know she has repented and that god has forgiven her!

from the moment i first saw her i remember it so clearly as well, i have really liked her and we had an instant close bonded friendship. at the time she had a boyfriend and then when they had broken up my liking her turned into love, i had an oppurtunity to take advantage of her which thankfully i did not take and then whenever i got to the point of telling her how i feel she was in a vulrnerable state because she has continually had to deal with her father disowning her, and obviously in vulnerable situations it distorts your decision making ability. then at about the 3 year mark of our friendship i really started to love her more and more but then she got another boyfriend but then they broke up!! and its been a little while now so i think you all know where this is heading....

over the duration of our friendship i have tried to fight my feeling for her but each time they come back stronger and stronger and stronger....ive prayed to god so much about this and having been praying for god to take away my feelings for her because it was really hurting liking her so much and not being able to have a relationship with her and yeh the feelings will not go away....ive also asked got to shut or open doors which will lead me to or away from her and whenever it seems like the door is open in shuts but then when i think the door is closed for good it opens again.....i have been struggling with this for the best part of 3 years now and i think its safe to say ive been very patient with this.

now i know with out a doubt that i love her and that she loves me because we tell each other all the time, but its determining whether that love is just in our friendship or whether it is more than just that. ive actually asked her out on a "date" its not the normal kind of date its more of a friendly date then anything, whilst we havent set a time for it or nothing its definately happening and im planning on telling her how i feel.

now if she doesnt feel the same way for me then i can deal with that but what im confused about is if she says she doesnt feel the same way i dont know if it will bring closure because ive heard of people getting together after initially on of them werent attracted to the other but just knowing about each others feelings ended up bringing them together (hopefully you can understant that) so i dont know what to do....now obviously i wouldnt go pressuring her etc. but do i let go completely?? because ive prayed so much about it and it feels so right, and the fact that i simply cannot deny my feelings for her any longer gives me an indication that god has destined me to be with her.....i dont really know whats going on im just really confused.....

now the question is should i tell her how i feel????