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how do u know??!!!

okay now how do i ask this...hehe
this is a question to all ppl who have/had a bf or gf....
OR to all who are married!!!
well anyways how do u know that u love ur partner??
or how r u sure that he/she loves u???

hope u understood my question!!!

god bless
If someone loves you they accept you as you are and dont want to change you
Love can not be expressed in words or any action but only after time
Love makes you not care what they look like you still accept that they are the one for you
You want to spend the rest of your life with them
You would break up if they were not happy and luve always loving them and hurt forever with your only needed happyness is to know that they are happy which makes it all worth wile
Love can also be trust or an agreement to be there no matter what for eternity
When you love each other you dont mind breaking up at any time because you are sure that you will get back together even if it takes years and you wont see anyone in that time....
LOL.. i woudl type it all out for you Kara. lol btu we have spoken about it before and all so yeha. you knwo my side of it. so yeah just wanna see what other ppl say also. ....

i hope others put in so even i can learn form them...

Love simon!!!
i agree with you alcia: if someone loves you they wont wnat to change you , they would also respect you for who you are. thats why i wont date anyone in my class, its cause they are all VERY rude and swear at me and a whole bunch of other stuff. and by the way Kara i miss chating to you, sorry ive been so scarce lately.
God bless, vlooi
thanks alicia....thats was a gud answer to my qeustion...
it kinda really helps me!!thanks!!

yeah vlooi i kinda undertsand what u mean!!i mean i would have never dated any boy outta
my old class they were all so...i dont know...i just wouldnt have dated anyone of them...
i miss chating with u too...but someday we will chat!!!hehe....lookin forward to that day...lol...

yep i think we talked bout this before....(did we?? ) i cant remeber tho!hehe.....
sorry....so it would really be nice of u bro if u would take the time and type it up??!!!

god bless
I AM married...I MIGHT be too old to post here...hmmmmmm....but this thread caught my eye. (I'm 24 by the way lol) I think I knew I loved my husband when I couldn't live without him (same for him). If you cry when the person leaves (EVERY time they leave), you got it bad ;)

I don't want to change Ben (my husband) or anything like that. I love him for the goofy person he is! :D I love him SOOOOOOOOOO much...I think about it alot hehe.

Also, if you LOVE them enough you would DIE for them...yeah you love them. Ben is SO protective of me...hehe it is kinda cute ;)

Also...remember what LOVE is...read 1 Cor. 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will help you KNOW if you are in LOVE!!!!!!!!!! yup yup...

hmmm..I think that is it hehe :D I hope that helps!