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How could I?

How could I lack faith in he that is always faithful and unchanging?

I’m all alone, it’s clear to see
These painful thoughts are killing me
Consumed by fear and pain
My heart will never be the same

Busy nights out, crowded rooms
Work running smoothly but feelings of doom
What is today, a fast paced life
Tomorrow the fears of anguish and strife

To love is to lose
Here pain you do choose
To cut off dulls the feeling
But you’ll be alone and not healing

Bitterness will grow and isolation cut deep
For what you sow is what you shall reap
Calling out, crying
Feeling numb inside, I fear my soul is dying.

I call out oh God please save me
My thirst drying up would you agree?
And fear of your judgement is pulling me down
The pain you did suffer by thorns on that crown

How dare I feel sorry!
How can I be sad?
But the pain and the worry
Is turning me bad…

A prayer

Forgive me Jesus for I know I am blessed and I am not worthy of your love.
A petulant child instead of an obedient servant. I am self indulgent.
Thank you for all the good times even in the hard times that I’m blessed with daily x
Please save me from pits of despair and build me up from this to share.

For I’m not alone

You are here with me now

There’s a plan to this journey

Thank you for never leaving me even when I stamp my feet.
For being strong where I am weak.

Faith in your awesome splendour should seem so easy
Yet I still stumble and place my faith in much lesser things. Thank you for your protection x x Amen
Sleepy, thank you for sharing these beautiful feelings with us. You have shown what it is to praise God THROUGH our circumstances.
i really loved reading ur poem and ur prayer..
thanks for sharing both...
god bless
Yes Sleepy :love: Amen :love: May God fill in where we cant be with you right now to catch you :love:
Father I lift up my sister Kathy to you right now, carry her in your peace and comfort, touch her with your Holy Spirit, guide her with your wisdom and endurance, may the Love of Jesus shine through Kathy in these days right now :love:
Bless you sis, catch you later :love: