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How can I increase my faith?

To do what is right or the right direction in life.

To have the courage to go the extra mile.

To stay focus on the task at hand.

To help me reach my goals for the Lord.
In His Grace said:
To do what is right or the right direction in life.

To have the courage to go the extra mile.

To stay focus on the task at hand.

To help me reach my goals for the Lord.
"The apostles said unto the Lord, 'Increase our faith.' He replied, 'If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea.' and it will obey you." (Lk 17:5).

I think the apostles were on to something. We cannot increase our faith. Our job is to learn about the faith we've been given. Jesus was probably using hyperbole in His response, but, to me the message is clear: We need to come to a fuller comprehension of the power of the tiny bit of faith that has been planted in us.

When our tiny mustard seed sized faith connects with the will of God and the power of the Lord is present to heal (LK 5:17) in whatever situation we are involved in, awesome things ARE going to happen because God's spiritual nano-technology is at work.
How to increase your faith.

This first verse tells us what faith is, believing God for what we ask for even though we cannot see them, and as the second verse says, as long as we ask according to His will.

Hebrews 11 v 1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

1 John 5 v 14 " Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us."

To increase your faith simply start believing God for things. Faith needs to be exercised - put into practice. Start to believe what is written in God's Word. Instead of just reading them, claim them for yourself. I personally found that reading through the Psalms helped me a lot. Many times in the Psalms the word blessed is used, and I began to see how blessed I actually am. This in turn helped me grow in confidence in the Lord. :love:

Hope this may be of some help. :shade:
Faith of the Believer and The Faith!

Hi All,

Sunshine has reminded me of a stumbling block that 'i' once encountered in this subject. She has put it down well above!

Can I just add this conclusion that I arrived at as a result of being told by the Still Small Voice at the time!

1. My faith, I'm really talking about my personal belief, John3:16 and all that that entails. My personal belief's and relationship with God, Blessed be His Holy Name!

2. The Faith, I'm back at 'Inhisgrace!' and Hebrews.11:1. Our Faith, The Faith of the Church and all that, Usually lots of that, but I'm not awake yet! Not bad for automatic, though, yet again?

3. Then there is the worldly faith of we humans!

A small example, Last night I pressed something twice and guess what. Bulletin from the Forum. You have done something or tried to do something to the system and I Chad, or possibly his Computer, (All glory to it's name!), has cut you off!

Thirty minutes of no Talk Jesus! Cast out into the wilderness without knowing what? Gnashing of teeth etc. (Worth a reminder here possibly?), not that anyone is in the miry, yet?

And I have been sailing close to the wind once or twice latterly, you see. So used to debate and purifying my position against others by debate you see!

Wordily faith, defined by me as depending on myself and not in my personal faith, John three sixteen and all that! Or depending on The Faith of my Church and all that, Heb11:1!

Yours in His tender-loving-kindness,

Colin2000, a grateful Christian, and all that!

PS. A great "i" post don't you think? Where is my Lord the Holy Ghost? Are Selah, (Rest in Him a possible answer. (I will return when awake, my def. of awake. It is when the Brian is connected to the mouth and writing hand! or something like that?).

PPS. Hi Sunshine, I'm running out of P.M.'s. do you want my Yahoo? Consider well before answering and all that?

PPPS. Not forgetting Ed. above, The answer to all this possibly!!! .................
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