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5/31/11: I was babysitting my one year old grandson at his house yesterday. He had a stuffed toy musical turtle that played notes when you pressed on the squares, with notes pictured on the squares. So, I began playing notes for my grandson when this tune began to form. So, I recorded it from the toy onto my phone, and then when I got home, I transferred it to the keyboard and then to paper. When the tune was recorded, and the chords figured out, then the Lord gave me the words. This is from the Lord Jesus to me and to you.

Jesus is asking us to hear him calling to us, to realize that he died on the cross so we could go free from sin, and to trust him with our lives today. Then he will wash our sins away. The call is urgent, so he is saying, “Don’t delay!” He not only has made the way possible for us to be forgiven of our sins, and to be set free from the control of sin over our daily lives, but he is also our sympathetic and compassionate high priest who feels and who cares about our suffering. When we invite him into our lives, he will be there for us to see us through all of our heartaches, and to show us much comfort and love.

His Loving Arms / An Original Work / May 31, 2011

When I’m with you, hear My call.
I died once, shed blood for all.
Hear Me calling you today.
I’ll wash all your sins away.

Don’t delay to let Me in.
I’ll purify, cleanse within.
I’ll heal all your heartaches, too;
Wrap My loving arms ‘round you.

I love you, won’t you love Me?
I’ll give life eternally;
Wipe away tears from your eyes,
When I meet you in the skies.

His Loving Arms | Original Works
Staff Member
What beautiful love the Lord has shown to us
And His loving arms are always there for us, to protect us and hold us, to keep us from falling.

Yes the words of this song are true.....Don't delay, Now is the time to accept Him, to accept His free gift of Salvation

Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.
Isaiah 31:3