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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Face His Truth, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. [FONT=&quot]Greetings brothers and sisters; in His name;[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot][/FONT]Often say that if a believer had the patience of Supernanny, the courage of a Mormon to go most anywhere in the world engaging strangers, the work ethic of a Hutterite, the commitment to prayer of a Muslim, the brotherhood of a soldier, a mother’s loving care, a sparrow’s fear and could take in a homeless person as easily as they could a lost dog and their church had kneeling boards like the Catholics and the outreach capability like Billy Graham’s; that might be considered as beginning to mimic Jesus, then all you would need is God’s power to give it true Christian purpose? That being a description I’ve not come close as measuring up to yet; still transforming in Christ Jesus (Romans 12:2/2 Corinthians 3:18) as other baptized disciples God willing but along the way I’m finding what appear to be some disturbing trends with contemporary Christianity which maybe you’ve noticed too? Indeed, since the disbanding of the small church where I was baptized, the churches I’ve looked into since, demonstrated more cause to avoid rather than join them which is disturbing in itself yet growingly understandable and perhaps begs the question; is what we’re seeing in today’s churches mostly Holy or Hype?

    So perhaps the Lord compelled me to embark on an ‘edifying mission’ if you will, to find out what’s going on and share my concerns with brethren and over the passed several years I’ve been sharing my ‘testimonial edification letter’ with believers and church leaders in America and worldwide with anticipation it might also be an ideal opportunity to open a genuine dialogue and edify with believers that were previously unknown to me? It’s too many pages to post in a forum but I’ll be happy to email it to you privately if you want to know my thoughts about God/Christianity in general and through personal revelation. Blessings,

  2. G'day Paul,

    Welcome and God bless. : )
  3. Welcome to the community Paul. What a touching message! Great having you here with us. Enjoy your stay and God Bless.
  4. Hello. Welcome!
  5. Yep!

    That used to bother me, then one day God said, Kit you just have to listen to me. All churches are assemblies of men. Where you have men you will have disharmony, sin and false doctrine.

    The more you fret about it and worry with it and resist it and eventually allow the bad to overcome the good you have messed up.

    Where three or more good people are assembled in my name, I will be there. It is up to you to look for it and listen to me.

    That pretty much solved it for me. I cannot control things, I cannot force feed anyone, God tried to in many ways, then put into place the age of Grace. I just look at that and accept his word.

    Then life is simple. Everything God does is so very simple and easy to understand, it is not complicated, men make is so, but God is very basic and simple.

    I have been to churches where Satan is in the Pulpit. But there are good people there too. A church is like life, it is just all assembled in one place. To resent and let it control you was a mistake I made. But God fixed it. He always does.

  6. hi there Face His Truth,
    indeed i understand and share your concerns, but i also have to say that i believe the true church of Jesus Christ is very much holy, empowered and sincere. the problem is what people are calling church today. too many 'congregants' act just like the world that there is no real difference at all.
    let's keep edifying and encouraging one another - especially as the day approaches.
  7. [FONT=&quot]Thanks, appreciate all your welcomes and all I might add is to say Thank God I’m truly aware the kingdom of God is within me-Luke 17:21
    The rest may just be 'damage control' as to what is going right or wrong in church buildings? Indeed, most church buildings may be places for believers to hide in rather a place to learn what they're supposed to be 'doing'? And then Actually Go Do It. :)

    Or, as one person put it, quote:
    [/FONT][FONT=&quot]“They are hiding behind a mask of Christian activity, going through the motions and keeping the surface rules that give the appearance of loving God. A life of loving God and honestly and joyfully wanting to do His will from the heart; is a mirage in the spiritual desert wilderness in which they live.”[/FONT]

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