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Hi, I'm Grace

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Walking With Grace, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Hi! I'm Grace and I'm new here:) I just started a new blog on my website and I thought I would share it with you guys. I also would love to talk with you all about Jesus and God and things he has done for us.
  2. @Walking With Grace - Welcome to TJ Forums. I would be interested in reading what you have to share with us about your faith in Jesus Christ. Sue
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  3. Welcome to TalkJesus Grace, may the peace of Christ live within you.
  4. Hello and thanks!
  5. Welcome to Talk Jesus @Walking With Grace
    Always a joy to welcome another Sister in Christ Jesus here.

    As far as sharing your blog/websites info. If someone is interested you should allow for them to PM you for that information. We don't promote sites here, so please don't take it personally. Some might slip by, but we delete them as we find them. However, thanks for the info anyway!

    Once again be welcome!

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
  6. Thanks but I didn’t put my website in the post and that’s exactly what I was doing was waiting for someone to pm if they were interested. I would like to continue in this but I won’t mention my blog again. I do apologize if you misunderstood. I thought since I didn’t actually put my website up that it wouldn’t be a problem.
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  7. @Walking With Grace
    Sometimes we can easily find ourselves dancing in a circle for not wanting to offend!
    So there is and never was a problem sister. I mentioned it just in case you were about too :)

    Always with the Love of Christ Jesus and once again.....Welcome to TJ!
  8. Welcome, love talking Jesus!

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