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hi has anyone herd of mercyme?

mercy me is so awsome and great u can just pop there cd in and feel God every where in the room i love mercyme they r s good and they have music
Yep, love this band and the song I can Only Imagine! If you love being encouraged in the Lord I suggest you add these guys to your music collection as well, you'll not be disappointed!
I love Mercy Me! They have a new cd out and theres a song from it that they play on the radio all the time.

Here in Springfield a few months back someone requested Mercy Me's song I Can Only Imagine on a seculaur station (most likely just to see if they'd play it or not) and after they played it people kept requesting it and it got to the top 10 I think. And this is a song thats talking about imagining what it will be like when you get to heaven and is specifically about God, and it was on the top 10 list on seculaur charts. Just think about it and how it happened.

After reading all ur comments I went and checked out Mercy Me and their song 'I can Only Imagine' online.... I have to say how much I liked it. I will tell my friends. I have never heard of them here in the UK.... but they this song is sure to appeal to everyone...