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Hi everyone! I'm new here.

very quick and succint then. lol i am not soem times as you may be able to tell

Hi and Welcome online with us all here i hope you enjoy your stay and it is long and prospurous towards what you need and giev back to us

Love Simon!!!
heya Reg

welcome 2 TJ man!!

on ur location u sed 'not yet home wif Jesus'... im thinkin ur meanin ur on ur way home, an im sure if u wana talk, any 1 of us will talk/pray wif u..

love ya man!!

I really like your name ragingregi and i will ask you what it means soon, btu not today.

This is a cool site you have found, i think you will like it, i do.

:shade: Welcome this is such a friendly, caring and fun site. Enjoy your time here and God Bless you :shade: