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hi everybody I am a new one here.

:boy_hug: i am a chinese enangelical christian in Ireland.
all i like is talking about Jesus and bible. i want to share testimony and be taught about God's words. I want to be strong in Him with you. casue all i want is Him, the everlasting truth..

by the way, i am not really sure how to use the forum, maybe you cant see the post.
Hi, glad to know that you are eager to fellowship and dwell in our Lord Jesus Christ. You have a number of options available in talkjesus. One is you can do 'live' chat or the other is by listing your questions through this forum for answers.

What is your name? My name is Matthew. I am from Malaysia.

God Bless You.
Hello to you. I am new here too. Give yourself time to learn, your post
is entered so keep doing it the way you did! The Bible is important to me too, as my name says, and I am hoping I can contribute from it to all in this community.