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Hi all and God Bless !

Greetings all !

I am a new member here and just wanted to say a warm " God Bless you " to everyone :) !
hi there artist77. . .
nice to meet you. . welcome to TJesus. . . GBU today, love to meet you in chat and find out where God has taken you to pick that name
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Hi artist thank you for joining, God bless you too.
Thank you !

Mymakersdaughter, Peeps and Chad,

Thank you so much for your warm welcome :) ! Peeps, I chose this handle as I am a Professional Artist and Photographer. You can see some of my artworks on my website at : [edited by Yeshua: links used only with permission] , and if any of them bless you, I would indeed be quite honored if you were to sign my guestbook :).

God Bless !
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Thanks, artist. . I will let my hubby check it .. . i am very poorminded on art understanding lol
but my husband draws cartoons and does airbrush quite well (like I know hehe)
I will look at your site though .. . I always want to be inspired and blessed :love:
GBU, peeps