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here is a awsome drawing

this is a very moving drawing right here

[edit by Chad: image removed (2 years old, no image rule was not valid at the time of this thread), image corrupt anyway. Visit photo gallery for awesome images]
Staff Member
Wow. That is really amazing, very touching. Send me a larger copy without the "do not copy" please :)

chad @ talkjesus.com
The reason it says "do not copy" is because of copyright laws - it is to be purchased from the author. They do that so no one can copy it. There are a few similar ones showing the whole body in it. I dont recall who painted them. I think one is called " Welcome Home". Perhaps a large Christan book store have prints of it. You may be able to locate it if they let you look through their catalog or mentiona that name. I ve gotten inexpensive reprints of expensive paintings that way.
Staff Member
I'll have to find that and buy it. That is just very heart warming for me

I absolutely love art, and that is something spectacular!!
Thank you so much for sharing that with us, it is truly inspiring.
May I ask where you found that picture?
I don't see it either???
But then again... I was never good at pictures within pictures.