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Welcome to Talk Jesus, as you are here there will be many willing to help you around the site.

Hope you will enjoy the fellowship.

Your sister in Christ,
AlabasterBox :girl:

Hello and welcome of course . :love: It takes time but you will find your way I'm sure . GBU...Mike
Lost and Found!

Hi Twinkie,

Never mind? Join the club!

My old 98 at the last count was Home goals to Me 3 v. Computer 10. In fact just before I upgraded I used to get a deadly silence and then a strangled scream!!!

XP2005 I've only had one horse laugh so far then it locked me out.

It's not looking good for Chad's mainframe I'm afraid???

I'm only joking folks then again it's that deadly silence again?

Hope you take it slowly go to the clock type disk at the top and use it, start from there.

Jesus told the parable of the 'one lost sheep'! You have got to apply that to 'one lost Message'. You would be amazed where they get to. One of mine on another Forum ended up in Australia!

The other way to use this system when you get lost is deep prayer and mediation!

Yours in His tender-loving-kindness,



Hey Twinkie, welcome to Talk Jesus :)
This website works well 24/7!!!!!
It is pretty easy to find your way around!
the site has been a blessing to me.