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Help Will Come

The past few years have been punishing both mentally and physically. I fell out of step with God, while I never lost my faith, I was neglectful, my own pain and that of those I love, became my focus.

Last July I had an opportunity to go camping with friends. Two weeks of physical work and reflection with God, free from all technology, tension and strain, heavenly!

Upon arrival the weather turned to dark sky's and heavy rain, hours of setting up the site left me drenched and the equipment soaking. After 12 hours of travel and work, only myself and one friend remained on site, the others in our group had left and would return the next day.

I was exhausted and not thinking clearly, I went to cut some cable ties off the car roof bag, the knife cut through the cable tie and straight into my wrist, cutting my artery. There was a moment of stillness while I watched the blood spurt up into the air, turning my hand and clothes red.
The realisation that i may die hit me and all I could ask was Please God Not Here, My Daughter Please!

Now I have no first aid training, but my finger went Into the wound pluging the hole and without any thought I made a turnakit from a cloth. My friend was frozen on the spot and I had to scream at her to move. She later told me she didn't recognise my voice.

The nearest hosptial was over an hour away and while I felt the effects of the blood loss, it all seemed secondary, dull, like I was merely watching.
I heard that voice inside, Calming me, telling me to breathe, to slow my heart rate down and wait for help.

The camp site had just opened and due to covid regulations for the first time in 20 years a phone number was posted on the camp gate. The woman who answered the camp phone, had only powered it up for the first time minutes before my friend's call for help came through. This woman had just returned to her tent after having a conversation with another new camper, who happened to be a paramedic and never travelled without her medical bag.

Within 5 minutes a paramedic was beside me with all she needed to slow the bleeding.
During the journey to the hosptial, every red light changed as we approached, every line of traffic had an opening for us to pass, an hour later I was there.

God cleared the path, everything I needed was given. While my family and friends were shaken from the realisation I may not have come home, I was shaken by the power of God.

All that time I spent drowning in earthly fears, my Father showed me, there is nothing I will want for and nothing that should take my eyes from him.

I hope this testimonial may serve as a reminder for even one other, God is greater than all, help will come.
Wow thank you for that testimony brother
I can’t imagine the feeling of slicing the artery
I had an accident with a new razor blade that involved slicing into my 4 fingers it was quite gruesome
But then god cleared a path for you
Great message
SHALOM :love:

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