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Help Wanted: People are Suffering from Flesh Eating Sex Demons that Torment & Torture

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Help Wanted: People are Suffering from Flesh Eating Sex Demons that Torment & Torture

As a homeless servant of the Lord, battling these demons daily that try to kill me, I am wanting help reaching those who are suffering from flesh eating sex demons - so they might be helped.

So far I have reached very few who acknowledge they have these demons.

Christian(s) wanted: to help from the convenience of your laptop or desktop.

Contact AlertChristians
Demons are Attacking People and There's No Adequate System for Help

People under attack by demons have no where to go for adequate help. Such victims need to have 24 access to a place to go where there at least can be a witness to what is happening to them.

Demons thrive in a person who are alone and without a witness. Just having a believer present to winess what is happening can make all the difference.

The idea is to cast the demons out. But until then people under attack need 24 hour access to a place where at least someone can winess what is happening.

Also, such people under attack by demons can need a helping hand doing the simplest of things, as the attacks could be so severe and targeted.
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