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Help for unwanted blasphemous thoughts

Discussion in 'Counseling' started by steflou64, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Hi johnp, I really sympathize with what you have been through and fully understand , I am so glad you have come back to jesus.
    I personally was brought up in Christian family , but during my adult life I have been up and down as a Christian, it is only recently I came back to Jesus or rather he pulled me out of a situation where I was on a huge downward slope.
    I was deeply in love with a man over 5 years , although I knew he was using me as and when he wanted I refused to acknowledge it.
    This relationship led me into all sorts of bad things including sexual immorality and seeing fortune tellers, on top of that I was idolising this man before God , in the end the man broke my heart , Jesus was there to pick up the pieces and since I have felt closer to him than ever before. during my renewal of my relationship with Jesus , Satan also tried putting awful blasphemous thoughts in my head it broke my heart but in the end I rebuked him over and over again in Jesus name and instead of listening to Satan I just thought of a Christian song in my head and sang that in my head over and over again.
    I am sure since I have joined this site ans spoke to people like I am speaking to you, Satan will try his best to distract me , but I refuse to let him win.
    God bless you lots and I hope your life continues to improve and your relationship with Jesus stays strong . :)
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  2. Forget her and find Jesus!
    If you have Jesus in you, you need to learn what the result of that is!
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  3. Thanks for sharing your testimony, Melanie. It sounds like spiritually, we both have been through a lot. I'm glad things are back on track for you as well. God bless you too, and let's both keep our eyes on Jesus!
  4. Thank you JohnP :)

  5. It's ok. Listen to them. Consider what they have to say. Know yourself. If they say something you LIKE, ignore them. If they say something that is factually TRUE, and can be scientifically verified, then listen, regardless of what the church tells you to do. Fact matters more than opinion.
  6. This is absurd. Do not post this kind of response again in this community. You're clearly confused about God and spiritual things. I suggest you learn instead of lurk.
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  7. Demons inside of you are responsible for the unwanted thoughts. The demons need to be cast out. Until then, I would want to bind the demons like this, "In the name of Jesus Christ, I forbid and bind the offending demons. The demons are forbidden and bound."

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