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Hello Everyone

Hi My name is Gordon, I'm a born again man of God for over 13 years now. I love God and His Word. His love is on going, and His mercies are new everyday. Let;s edify the Church and win souls for His kingdom in Jesus name, Amen !
hi gordon, Welcome to TalkJesus, for the serious christian in mind May God bless you everytime your on TJ, hope to meet you in live chat sometime, peeps
justa wanted to say hi hope to chat with ya soon till then god bless ya
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hey there gordon.....
welcome to talk jesus!!!
ur gonna love it here....
hope to see ya around!!!
god bless
hey Gordy

welcome 2 TJ man!!

im sure u'll be blessed in abundance thru us, an we will in turn be blessed thru u!!

thanx 4 joinin us!!

~God Bless!!~
Hi Gorden, and welcome to TJ, i'm pretty sure that you will injoy it here have TONS of fun God bless

hello Gorden

I think you will fit in well her with these people, they are thinking the same thing as you wrote. Ha!

It is cool here and it is nice to meet you

Hi Gordon and welcome to this wonderful site, God bless you and look forward to spending time in fellowship with you.
yoru an inspiration already. good on ya. and welcome in to the new family here on Tj you will have an AWESOEM time...

Love SImon!!!