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Hello and Introduction

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Ronnie, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. Hello one and all, you have most likely figured out by now I'm new here in this forum and in this site. My name is Ronnie, I'm from coastal North Carolina, I am married to a wonderful young lady by the name of Carolyn, we have been blessed now in marrage for 38 years, in this day and time thats really something, I've heard of folks changing husbands and wives like changin socks. Carolyn and I have five wonderful grown children (all with familes of their own) we have eleven grandchilren(what a house full)we are christians and we love our Lord. I work ful time at a military installation, been here for almost 18 years now, I was in the Army for 16.5 years before I had to come out due to medical problems. Well I guess you all are tired of hearing all this so I'll just say I hope I get to know you all and I would like to say God Bless.
  2. God Bless you Ronnie thank you for joining. Yes, marriage today is far from what GOD had planned in the beginning.

    Hope to see you active.

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