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Hello and God Bless You All!!!

Hello everyone!

It is my first night on this site, and I already love it. The fellowship and support and the all around Love for the Lord is just awesome. Thank you for letting me be a part of it all :) Here is my testimony.....

I grew up in a Christian home, and a very loving family and extended family. I was heavily involved in my church with youth group and such. When I was 16/17, I met my now husband online in a Christian chat room. We talked constantly online and on the phone for the next two years. The summer after my HS graduation, I decided I wanted to actually meet him in person and see if we still had the great connection face-to-face as we did otherwise. We ended up hitting it off so well that he wouldn't let me leave, he ended up driving me all the way home (from Pennsylvania to Minnesota), and moved out there to live by me. We fell in love fast and soon knew we did not want to be apart from eachother. My parents, although nice to him, did not agree with our being together, as he was not the "man they had pictured me to be with". I knew I loved him and I knew in my heart of hearts that we were meant to be together, whether anyone else wanted to believe it or not. I ended up moving out to Pennsylvania with him and we got married a month after doing so. We will be celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary on February 23rd :) Well, amidst all of this, as much as I didn't want to believe it was happening, I was slowly falling away from God. I wasn't going to church consistantly, and we were doing things we werent proud of. We also weren't helping eachother grow in any way. About two weeks ago, God hit us both with the Wake-Up stick, and told us to get our acts together. We realized how far we had fallen, and how much we needed to make God the center of our relationship. We are now gradually getting our lives back together the way they should be and we know we couldn't have done any of it without God. We have started a nightly prayer together and have started to attend church together (something we had only done maybe twice since we had been married). We are feeling God's presence more in our lives every day. Praise the Lord for the Wake-Up stick!!!! Amen!!

Thank you for letting me share my story!!

God Bless all of you!
Wonderful testimony Erin!
Thankfully God He is patient, loving, and compassionate,
and that He never ever leaves us alone! :love: