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heart broken

:confused: :unlove: :embarasse
hello to everyone. my name is johnny an i am in need of some very strong deep prayers right now.
today is 21 dec.04 an i have till the 23rd to be out of my home.i had a real good paying job with money saved,but then the worst of worst happen. i had a major ID theif done on me.i have tired everything there is to do to recover from this,but now all i can do is wait to go to court in march. that is not helping me any right now. for i have no one or no family to go to. all my so called friends and the church i was going to has said it is not there problem and they do not want to get tied up with it. the people i have been buying this place from has been good,but i am to far behind on payments. i lost my suv and have not been able to find a job or an auto. so i am in deep mess here and do not know what to do any longer. i do pray evryday and night,but i fill that it is only hitting walls. so can anyone help me? for i do not know what i will do now after wednesday.plus it is getting cold outside here in sw Ga.
any way please also pray for out troops and their families,and for those who are worst off then i am fixing to be.
my email is [email protected] if u like to email me.
take care an God bless all of u.

Johnny, I am sorry this happened, I am rather confused as to how this occured quickly that your home, car and job are non-existant. How is it church members can't help you? I do not understand. I will pray for you.

this has NOT just happen,it has been going on now for 5 months.
as for the church members,they will have to explain that when they get in front of God.
i have been fighting this and doing all i can to keep going on. but i guess for any one to fully understand what happens when ID theif is done on u you will have to go thru it. that i pray that no one will never go thru.
it is very hard going from a real high credit to nothing,having enough money saved for retirment and in up paying legal fees to hopefully be able to get back what u lost. and then in the waiting time,lose everything.
God bless and still pray for me
I apologize Johnny if my comment was presumptuous, I just didn't understand, I have never been in your predicament. Is there any Church that can help you at all? With the sale of your home, doesn't that not give you money afterwards? If you do not wish to answer my questions that is okay, I do not want to intrude. What about friends? I am grasping at staws here but if I can help throw out some ideas...
Johnny, I've added you to my prayer list. Trust in the Lord and don't despair. It is really important they YOU pray for your needs too :) Try to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying in this difficult time. I can only imagine how trying a time this is for you. Take comfort in the Lord and be strong.

i do not own this place,it is lease to own. i have been paying on it for only one year.
as for friends,i thought i had some till i got into this shape. as for family. i am the only living member. as for churchs,there has been two that has kept my power and gas turned on for me,other then that,i have not been able to find any more help.
thanks,i pray and do my best to trust in the Lord everyday,but my time is running out. but all i can do is say thanks,for i know there are people worst off then me.
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Sorry to hear that Johnny. GOD will provide you, don't worry. I will pray for you.
johnny, the fact that you have so much faith is deffienentally going to get you somewhere. i will sure pray not only because of your problems, but because you know that God will be there!